GFive G5 Projector Mobile phone Unboxing and Review

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A quick unboxing and look at India’s first projector phone- A GSM DUAL SIM phone – with a built in projector and excellent loudspeaker


Khachig Hajian says:

how match ?

jawid hossen says:

I like ..I want

Latif Omar says:

i need this. mobile

Samurai 69 says:

evil handphone

jeevan nepali says:

How can we get it in Nepal?

Matt Simpson says:

Samsung halo. Even crapier buy the galaxy beam you tight wads

Valdemar Reynoso says:

terrorists, terrorist everywhere!

Mickey Lusty says:

What the fuck phone is this? Ass hole badasss chienese go to hell fuck off this silly cheap shit thirdquality item..!

piahaly ugas says:

hola el texto prdectivo se le puede mejorar????

Saeed Tanwri says:

projector is good… baki hay to china ka …. double sim… ye jab sasta hoga to lelengy used me 😉

Nima Jafari says:

smart phone is better

Heart111ful says:

looose motion..

Mahendran D.R says:

Can you add some more info on the description for upcoming videos?

marinerheart says:

@raazxplorer No! it doesnt

Sarbpreet Boparai says:

you think this can beat samsung Halo????? hahahahahah crap :

mohideen sahib says:


sunil tripathi says:

i want to buy this phone …..but done know from wheree

arseshan says:

@iGyaan Thanx for the reply Bharat. 🙂

iGyaan says:

@arseshan quality is similar to intex, seems a little better, to make it landscape, well you just turn the screen with the options menu- u can select your preference, no motion sensors, and you cannot make it full screen

arseshan says:

has it got motion sensors? If no… how does video play on landscape/ fullscreen mode? How do you compare its projection quality to that of Intex's ???

ComputerKiller says:

wht program u use for ur logo???!! after effect ?

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