Gigaset ME Video Review: The First Mobile of the Dect Giant – Test

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Gigaset is known for its wireless phones, working with the Dect standard, but know they enter the mobile phone market. On the IFA they presented three devices, of wich the first now comes to the shops, the Gigaset ME: classy, nifty, fancy. And it offers some special features and technology as this hands-on video shows, that introduces the Gigaset ME and the user interface in detail.

What do you think of the Gigaset ME? Do you like it? Or would you even buy it? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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Sagar Sayar says:

I have buy this in uae dhr 570 but still I am not sure is this orginol or not I have gigaset android 5.1.1 white colur evrything good I think is this handpone is good but imo call is when calling orther person lesten my voice late…!

Phanindra kumar Reddy says:

I asked about Gigaset me only

Phanindra kumar Reddy says:

How about the call quality is it audible loud and clearly

Abbas Raza Nasir says:

time consuming review, talking a lot about common things

mamkila1992 says:

I have problems with notifications ? What I can do?

James King says:

Is the sound on this phone really bad? I have read a few people say the sound and microphone quality is not so good. Do you think this can be fixed with software updates, apps and external microphone?

How about the reception? Was the reception good?

Seems like a very good phone besides this, well built and some of the best photos I have seen from a phone.


will this phone get android nougat?

MoizCOUK says:

this phone is on sale at banggood for $129

scottmcuk says:

thanks for reviewing in English.

Mitsos Da Best says:

I just ordered this phone for $130 (new)!! It seems amazing for this price. The specs are good and it's very pretty. I just have to wait about 2-3 weeks, to come from China…

This is the best review for this phone, that exists on YouTube! Very analytical and good English. The only thing I'm afraid, is about the call quality. Many people say that is bad. I hope I won't have problems with this… =)

Jānis J says:


Thankyou, good review!
Plesae, tell me abaut sound, how well you can hear each other during the conversation?

Alessandro Berselli says:

thanks 😉

Alessandro Berselli says:

no but I do not mean it that way.! I wanted to know if you had tried to make a phone call considering the new technology available to this device. that's all. 😊 last knowed ad GloPedro comment 😁

agbawoh uche says:

can it be updated to android 6.0 6.1

Jordi S. says:

Ist FM Radio? ¿Gigaset auf Android 6.0.1 aktualisiert?

greg yance says:

Does it got very hot with the snapdragon 810 ?

Steven Gerrard says:

great review. I am on it 🙂

Elementeyas says:

Can you use 2 Apps at the same time (like the Samsung Galaxy Multi-window feature) ?

Christopher Kivell says:

Great review. Any idea why Gigaset are taking soooo long to release it in the UK…..??

WiewiorPLater1 says:

In Poland. I was visiting their official German website but smartphone site doesnt work, error 404 so I can even confirm spec and prices

WiewiorPLater1 says:

Thank you for this review, I am really interested in this phone.
Tell me please – where can I get it? I haven't seen it anywhere online yet.
One more thing – is it water /splash proof?


Robert Levy says:

Really good review…I like the whole dual sim thing….the name of the phone shouldn't be call gigaset lol

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