Google Pixel phone review

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The Pixel and Pixel XL “Phone by Google” are the first true Google phones. Subscribe:

They stack up against the best phones on the market and have the Google Assistant inside. Also, great cameras!

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Rakshana Thahseen says:

whats next, google airplane?

DeAndre Atkinson says:


Aleksandar Rikic says:

What is cloud storage capacity for this phone if it's free? Apple provides 5Gb for free and 50Gb for purchase at $0.99 a month.

Extreme Legend says:

u got everything wrong

Yash Vasava says:

Reasons to watch verge: one reason "Quality content"

Kylon Wright says:

This phone is shit😂😂😂

Nitz Malikarjun says:

love the way u review very catchy**

Sultan Althubaiti says:

does it have IQ charging ?

Rachel Fajardo says:

I love how he said Googel on the last part

Erislandy Valdez says:

do you think Google will offer the unlimited photo and video storage in the next pixel phone? or will they move onto something else

Kodi DC says:


jed pittman says:

about four seconds in you realise your watching a commercial, not a review.

jussa101 says:

eis is better than ois i thought this was a downfall but i saw it perform vs my partners iphone 7 and the diff was amazing.

Daniel Perrault says:

first Google Android phone, I guess the google nexus didn't count?

Waycool jr says:

Do your research….The phone was designed,built and implemented by HTC.

pinky1933 says:

And for a company that makes 30-60 billion per year, (according to Google lol) you'd think they can make it a little easier on the pocket book to acquire the device.

pinky1933 says:

I like the Pixels pictures and video but that is all subjective anyway. I don't own it nor ever used it, but from all the videos like this that I've seen, it does a great job.

santiago carreño says:

I have to use it, but the design and hardware interface does not look special at all. It gives a pretty average impression.

Cesilia Lopez says:

I thinck the iPhone 8 is coming out in 2018 who knows ???

Cesilia Lopez says:

i hope the iPhone 8 is water proof bacause when ever its summer we get on our pool thats outside and then i tell her dont bring your phone out here and so she didnt listen and she fell on the pool

Cesilia Lopez says:

i have the new google phone XL i say its better but my husband has a iphone 7 plus and he says his phone is better noo its not

The legend27 says:

Where is it sold in australia?

3DFX says:

Gahhh google is storing everything i shoot forever?? What if i shot my brand new cars Registration Plate & idont want thiefs to snook that up…??? – GET OFF MY PRIVACY GOOGLE !!!!!

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