Google Pixel Review 2017: Our long-term Pixel phone review

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Pixel phone review 2017: Our long-term review of Google’s Pixel phone takes a closer look now that Android O is official and the Pixel 2 is heavily rumoured to be launching later in 2017.

The Pixel 2 may be a good few months away still and if you’re tempted by the original Pixel phone right now, here’s our review after several months of use. Should you buy the Pixel over rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, LG G6 and OnePlus 5?

Check out our full long-term Google Pixel phone 2017 review on Recombu:

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MikeMike 2Real says:

I only kept my Pixel for software support. Dev preview 2 is buttery smooth and battery efficient.

Lynell Sandifer says:

I love my pixel. I have the same color. I'm using it to type this comment. best Android I've ever used. I passed on s8 and LGG6 and Sony XZP also. the phone I'm getting next is the next best Android phone the HTC U11.

Fruitspunchsamurai says:

Which app do you use for the anime wallpapers?

Ant Van Biggs says:

pixel XL or LG g6?

Griffon says:

I'd get the pixel over why other phone on the market right now. It's so sophisticated, especially software wise.

Ryan Barclay says:

definitely like pixel due to the software and optimization but the bezels and lack of water resistance make it a hard recommendation

Matija Atelšek says:

2 years ago, iPhone owners had a reason to pay so much money, that was smooth performance for many years…… now with Pixel there is literally not a single reason why to buy iPhone, whatever Apple does with iPhone 8, they will not stop losing their customers

David Martin says:

Great video! Keep up the good work…👌🙂

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