Google Pixel Review: Best Android Smartphone!

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Google Pixel delivers an experience good enough to be my Top Android Phone of 2016!

Google Assistant 4K Video on Tesla:

Google Assistant vs Siri:

Google Pixel skins:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Clique – Kanye West | Instrumental



Adam Hickey says:

I am looking to change to the project fi carrier and this is one of the 3 phones that is compatible. I am currently using a oneplus 3 and am finding it quite hard to find a phone I like more. do you have any comparison points on which is better than the other?

Richard C says:

Marques seems to be the most popular tech reviewer.

He is good but I'm amazed how many likes he gets compared to the other reviewers.

He must be raking it in.

Keep up the good work.

Joshua Arulsamy says:

I always come here to test my internet connection, these videos are so crispy

Richard C says:

Pixel (1st generation) = iPhone 6

Pixel (2nd generation) = Samsung s8

Richard C says:

The joke 5 minutes in…..


South Florida Farming says:

teh video kept stuttering….

Gaurav Bahadur says:

is there anyone else who has windows phone?

Uchiha's Gaming says:

he sounds like a white guy

aHairyWhiteGuy says:

Getting the XL next week and I can't wait! I personally like the look of the phone. I'm very into minimalist looks that's what the theme of my phones have always been. I am disappointed about the speakers however… I'm just too spoiled by my current phone, the Nexus 6P I guess. That's fine though I just can't wait I'm a massive Android guy and am just so hyped up about the pure Android experience I'll be getting.

Rytol_Piab says:

I'm currently using an old HTC desire 626s,its ok but has a little bit of storage. What's a good Android phone I could buy for under $300?

Bees Dont Exist says:

where can I get that hoodie lmao

Matt M says:

Did you forget to mention that its missing expandable storage? I just ordered one and its already shipped. I'm probably going to have return it and to go to the 6P


i didnt know I was an enthusiast…

themaypole says:

Sounds decent enough but the bad speakers killed any chance of me getting it.

Dcaped Xader says:

where can i get that dope jacket? 😎

Hunter Fergen says:

The Google Pixel is a awesome phone but the only problem I have with it is it lose service for like a good minute all the time.

tuan side says:

overrated..pixel gonna be next htc

at motel6witmywoes says:

bruh your fucking hands

Rod Abernethy says:

I have the classic question…will I have any problems switch from iphone OS to Android? I love your review, but I'm essentially a mac guy. I'd love to try the Pixel but I'm worried about losing all my iphone apps.

SeGe Jung says:

I thought LG made nexus phones. Not samsung

Rijo Abraham says:

Watching this video with a iphone 6 plus. Mindblowing captures with Pixel. Love it 😍. Brilliant phone to have.

kadha karthikeyan says:

like Google photos or drive

kadha karthikeyan says:

Is the unlimited photos and vedios is free of cost or paid

Imran Hasan Rose says:

ok then i will buy Google pixel 🙂

Kaustubh Thakur says:

MB I really like that sweatshirt.. where did you get that from?

Hayden Ullrich says:

its really a great phone

Donald Anderson says:

If Obama had bigger hands. And an honest opinion.

frank james says:

no wireless charging, im out

MrBacon _7 says:

I just subscribed (◐‿◑)

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