Google Pixel Review: One word, amazing

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It’s finally here! The Nexus…I mean Google Pixel! It’s Google’s latest flagship. Is it the best camera on a smartphone yet? Is Android 7.1 delicious? How about that battery life? All these questions and more are answered within this review. Enjoy!
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Carl Evans says:

I love the point you made about long press on app icons, I actually thought exactly the same myself. Nice review man 🙂

Sara Thompson says:

HTC came out with the antennas and metal design before iPhone did.

agm says:

Nice review, thanks! For me no SD-Card is a no-no (can't understand this decision on google which the flexibility should be a point over the iPhones… so why castrate the options, ie remomvable battery also)… I'm a photographer and on my LG-G5 and previews Galaxy notes (up to 4) use a SD card with all my pics and videos (currently a 200 Gb SD) and I'm able to access all my files always (travelling, on places with bad reception, etc)

Neon - TC says:

Am I the only one who fucking hates stock android?? It saddens me that Samsung is slowly drifting towards a more stock look… Stock android looks ugly as hell

Mikey Bowles says:

really think this looks like a dope phone an am planning to get 1…thanks for the review

Di Dxpeo says:

i think smart phones are making too much money, they just change the hardware and software and call it a new phone, everybody has to buy it again!

Kai H says:

I wish it had a home button or they made the screen stretch farther down. There's so much wasted space

hrypratama says:

after watching s8 announcement, this one still the best android so far.

Alberto Hicks says:

Who cares about the phone! What was that game he was playing?

Tristan Benitez says:

They copied Apple, just look at it… My iPhone is always going to be better than a "pixel" 😒

Iced Tea says:

I have a fucking iPod 5th gen and I'm getting a phone in 5 months. Any recommendations? Will the Pixel be obsolete by then? I really need to know.

Mike Colburn says:

All I heard was "Not as good as the Galaxy S7" a whole bunch of times. I can get a S7 for next to nothing with a contract. Soooo, why do I want this? Wish it had a Memory slot instead of built in. I hate to spend an extra $100 just to get $20 worth of storage.

BarryisLost says:

no micro sd slot… pass I'll stick with my S7

Jake Margolin says:

This or the iPhone 7?

Radocruz says:

Banzai buddy lives on in cortana, siri, and Google do. (or whatever they call it.)

Reinards Saulitis says:

Sounds amazing, I wish I could afford it 🙁

Kishore Motwani says:

Too expensive… I miss the days of the Nexus 5, when Google was looking to give us a bargain device with flagship specifications.

channelKERR says:

I just want an android phone with a massive battery, a way to take a photo quickly before the opportunity is gone, buttons that i can navigate without looking (in my pocket), a speaker that is LOUD (for speakerphone) and something that isn't going to jump out of my hand. I'd also love a dedicated vibrate switch like iphones have. Is that too much to ask?

KawaiiAsh says:

I have one and I bought one to school and everyone was making fun of me calling it "a wanna be iphone"

Bailey says:

I'm coming from an iPhone 5s, would this be a major upgrade?

Riley Emel says:

This is one sweet phone, but I like my iPhone. Apple ecosystem thing. If google makes an android laptop with a good desktop OS skin, I would be sold

Fletcher Alexandros says:

So should i upgrade to this from my 5c

Zminchu says:

Will they be making an updated version of the Pixel with HTC next year? I still have a year on my contract and am liking the pixel.

ali 6e7 says:

Nokia is back and their doing a great job too

bioroid09 says:

I guess I can finally upgrade my nexus 4 to the pixel.

Ashley Wilson says:

I want one so Bad they are so beautiful!!! 🙂 I'do anything from one!! Uggh just over my price that I can afford!!!

Luke Calls says:

Lg v20 or s7 edge

Иван Вашека says:

You wont have any problems with not getting software update for two years… only two years!?

netcalibur says:

Bla bla bla
Amazing my ass. Overpriced. Having it on the desk you have to pick it up to use fingerprint sensor (if you can find it without looking)
Big chin – a wasted space that could been used for home button, a front speaker or capacitive keys.
Ok, these are no big deal but for the money you pay for this shit, you don't want any compromise, do you?

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