Google Pixel XL Review: The Android Phone I’ve Always Wanted!

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Here’s my full review of the Pixel / Pixel XL. A phone designed by Google. The Google Pixel is a premium smartphone aimed to take on the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S7. Watch to find out if it’s worth the purchase.

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  • osha nefa

    boring as fuck

  • Morgan Imhoff

    I love this phone and all of the complaints are not very justified….. no front facing speakers but the Audio is very loud still. No water proofing but it lasted 1 hour under water with only the speaker being a little scratchy…I have no idea who would accidentally leave their phone in water for an hour and I think the design is sleek and simple. Everyone compares it to the iPhone and how it looks similar but then says it sooo ugly so is the iPhone ugly too? I think this phone is gorgeous and I currently have an iPhone.

  • sukhdeep gill

    nice review…

  • Adrian Almeida Aroche

    Hi Matthew:
     It's nice to see yo again, thanks to your reviews I bought the Note 5 and the S7, great phones by the way.. Yesterday, I bought a G Pixel XL with 128g, which is a great phone, I like the design, android N 7.1 is great and the camera is one of the best right now. But I have a doubt right now, I was taking photos and I noticed that this phone doesn't have front flash led for low light conditions. I tried to find something in the phone to get an extra light for selfies in the dark, but I didn' find nothing. Does the screem flash like the S7 when you are taking selfies at night? please help me with this. I'm traveling all the time because I work in a travel agency and I love taking pictures and selfies.

    Thanks and kind regards from Cuba.

  • Saurel Viagbo

    How have I just now discovered your channel lol. Awesome video man. Great production and excellent review!

  • TechTranslated

    Amazing Review Matthew as always, some great pros and cons!🔥👌

  • Kevin Davis

    Excellent review, with honest criticisms, unlike most sites that come off more as paid advertisements ( Android Central, for one huge example).

    Funny enough, I have all 3 phones, right now, referenced for your comparison video. I bought the Google pixel xl from the play store, and I did an early upgrade to the iPhone 7 plus, so I still have my S7edge, until I send it back to Verizon in 1-2 weeks. Checking them out myself, doing a lot of side by sides.

  • Nguyen Luan

    People only look at the negative side instead of the good one. There's nothing perfect in this world and accept it people. Not a fan of google, but damn people your wants are always bigger than your needs

  • Ismayil Kerimli

    +Matthew Moniz Hi. Which one would you suggest to buy iPhone 7 or Google Pixel? (I've heard that Pixels front and back glass is really easy to scratch so I can't decide but I love software on Pixel more than iPhone)

  • Omar Vazquez

    do they have good quality

  • Mr. Gamer

    +Matthew Moniz I think you should do a Q&A video . Your videos are amazing. Keep it up buddy

  • 3Qu1nox

    Hey will the galaxy 7 edge get nougat and if so when cause touchwiz blows and lags all the time

  • YouTube User

    +Matthew Moniz Hi Matt! Sorry to comment on a random video again, but I was wondering. Since YouTubers including yourself really like Dbrand skins on smartphones, do you need to have a hairdryer in order to "slap on" the skin or can you do it with just your hands? I'm thinking about ordering a skin for my iPhone since there are little scuffs on the upper/lower parts sections of the back & I want to hide them, so when everytime I remove the phone from a case to clean it, I forget about the scuffs. Thank you.