GT08 Smartwatch – Phone REVIEW – Is a $16 watch worth it?

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The review of the super cheap GT08 Smartwatch.
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The GT08 Smart watch can take a sim card and a SD card and can connect to the wireless network. It also has a front facing camera so you can take some quick pictures right from your wrist.


Jo Ca says:

Thanl you so muchhh. Bro.

Receiver 24/7 says:

can I get the app on iphone

Muhammad sameer khan says:

can it connect with iphone ?

Ashen Fernando says:

is it water resist?

Bradderz x999 tunes says:

Does it have a headphone jack. And does it need to connect to a phone

Steven Basham says:

how do I change the strap on a smart watch

O R A Y A says:

i like ur accents

gamer dans says:

i purchased a 10€ fivestar speaker

gamer dans says:

do you reviev bloethoot speakers if you are reviev fivestar

gamer dans says:

im ordering it 20 march

Dan Bana says:

Its a cool little watch for recording someone and maybe catching them out, could be pretty incriminating, great review.

driftster99 says:

the one i got has even less options lmao

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