Honor 6X Review!

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Best Price! http://tyvm.ly/QY3S Full review and ratings: https://goo.gl/wLb4pu

Is Huawei’s latest budget smartphone worth the $250 asking price? Find out in our full Honor 6X review!

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Shivanshu Bansal says:

does it have nfc? main concern is that does it support samsung pay or android pay?

harold gomez says:

how looks like outdoor??

Renju krishnan says:

please aduvise my music player after 3 m automatic of ..I cant play music continues

jaya suryana says:

i think the honor 6x screen is DEFINITELY not "washed out"! its screen is as good as any flagship honestly!

med k says:

Now after 2 months of normal use I got a brown burn spot in the top left of the screen, maybe something behind the screen gets heated. And better than that I bought it from someone without a warranty.

Aghin Akku says:

is there a heating problem

Tom Popolo says:

Make sure to set speed to 0.75% before watching, jkjk. Great video!

1wwtom says:

$250 is a Budget phone? I paid just Under $1K for my high power PC rig. If you think I'd pay $500 or so for Any phone you're Crazy! For what I'm going to use a phone for $250 is my Top price. What I want to know is how much of the 32Gb ROM is left for the User after all the Bloatware on it. I might just go for this one as the Samsung J7 Perx doesn't cut it for me.

Killer Dude says:

When does the Honor 6X 4 GB RAM version come to Europe?

Funny Videos says:

plzz tell me that are the games only built in or we can download additional from play store?

jaybo197306 says:

so compared to the P8 lite?

Mr.Dutch says:

It has NFC!!!!!! I have the phone so I know 100% for sure!

Random GamistTM says:


Laxus Dreyar says:

which is the best sony xperia xa ultra or huawei honor 6x????please suggest i am really confused

RandomReviews OrOtherThings says:

Anyone know hot to get rid of an annoying message that comes up whenever using a mic when screen recording or on a not system or google app? It says
(whatever app is being used) is recording audio. Com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox:interactor will not be able to record audio
Please help. I cant do any mic things now.

Pramit Nandi says:

can i get fingerprint app lock in this phone….???…like mi has…
or can i use 2 same apps in this one?

Unnat Dhungana says:

is it different with Honor 6x 2016'

AlejoRSlayer says:

Is this also known as Huawei Mate 9 Lite?

Leonard Michel says:

06:30 What does it lack? An app drawer?

Tiny but Mighty says:

Nice phone, but I do like the Huawei P-series a lot more because of the better design, check out the Huawei P9!!

Tazmeen Fatima says:

plz tell me how to open advanced options in the calculation tool in honor 6x

Mohan Lal Lakhara says:

honor 6x metal body?

JD D says:

Disgusting obnoxious info. Suck a dick and die.

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