Honor 8 Pro Review – The BEST iPhone alternative 2017 !

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Honor 8 Pro Review – This phone is THE iPhone KILLER ! Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2oNjQ6u * Honor V9 128GB ! The best smartphone under 600$ 2017 !
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Tiggatex says:

Not Honor 8 Pro related, but TechMagnet, what brand/model Lapel microphone did you use in the video? pretty good sound quality.

Sur_Superior says:

LIP SMACKING! I had to turn down the volume

wh7 says:

how good/bad is the camera in low light? i love my samsung galaxy a9 pro but the only thing i hate about it is the camera performance in low light, it's piss poor. zooming into pictures just a tiny bit, you can see these ugly pixels and stuff. is the honor pro just as bad?

AppleMacsterRace says:

Wail till Apple fans get triggered by this

klajdi kasa says:

Mate , why are you against apple company ? you always point them out

weneedtodosomething says:

lol what the P10 should have been

what were they thinking

Yaz Wil says:

Sorry the best is Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom

posceve says:

I love Berlin! Last year I was in the leather shop there in the background, down the bridge, back to you.

Xarc Factor says:

Huawei is killing it.

ruzzell907 says:

Does it have OIS ?


very nice phone


good video man.

TimelapsHD says:

"low price" 😂

Ste Crook says:

Am I right in thinking it said you got down to 35% battery in 5 and a half hours?
Was hoping it'd be longer than that

TechLineHD says:

Looks pretty awesome! Next time we meet, I will steal your camera lens

GamerZone says:

hoping there is gonna be a giveaway of this phone (;

GamerZone says:

AMAZING PHONE but I cant even afford this one ):

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