HTC 10 Review [2017]: The Forgotten Classic

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In my first HTC 10 Review, I called it “the best Android smartphone you’re not buying.” A year after its release, both of those claims hold up: the HTC 10 of 2017 is still a really solid phone … but it’s still not selling well enough to stave off the flow of underwhelming financial reports from HTC.

Maybe that’s because even a “really solid phone” isn’t good enough to capture the public’s imagination in the current climate of curved-screen contraptions, or maybe it’s because the HTC 10 is still priced pretty high compared to similarly-specced competitors like the OnePlus 3T. Whatever the reason, an HTC 10 review for 2017 seemed appropriate before the company launched its next big flagship … so an HTC 10 review for 2017 is just what you’re gonna get. Click the video above for the latest Review Re-Do from MrMobile, and subscribe so you don’t miss future videos!



HTC 10 Unlocked []

HTC 10 Unlocked []

99 Classics by Meze (Wooden Headphones):

Lamicall Adjustable Phone Stand:


MrMobile’s HTC 10 Review Re-Do for 2017 was produced following ten months with an HTC 10 review device (Model 2PS6500) on loan from HTC. The device has been used across the United States and Europe, predominantly on T-Mobile US. At presstime, the HTC 10 review unit was running Android 7.0 with the March 2017 security update. It has been paired to a variety of smartwatches during testing, the most recent being a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.


HTC 10 Review 2016 [MrMobile]:

HTC 10 Review [Android Central]:


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Vlad Gliga says:

Watched the video on my carbon gray HTC 10. Madly adore this device, great smartphone!

Abhi M says:

The only current phone for audiophiles and also called as the true multimedia phone is the LGV20…..REVIEW IT….

austriker says:

Mr Mobile what's the boost app you are using? do you like it ?

austriker says:

FYI looks like amazon sells it direct for like $450 in the USA! a dang tempting price!

Erick Bonilla says:

do the same with the Moto X Pure Edtion (best form factor phone ever)

Ngakak Guling says:

htc owner and proud

Jarrod Mayes says:

Please do a video on Google Rcs and why att, Verizon, and T mobile should adopt it. Please spread the word to make this happen!

Matheus Saar says:

I really enjoy how "nostalgic" you are about technology, I identify myself on that, we can really see that you apreciate it. Like that video about the palm pre and this one! I still catch myself willing to buy an old nokia phone, just for, you know, hobby.
Keep the good work, your videos are among the top on quality and content! Thanks!

Mega Monkey says:

I have a question where I live the one plus 3t is around 32k and the v20is around 36k which one would be a better buy ?? Thank you

Debra Dukes says:

Mrmobile I agree with you on everything you said.I also Love the Footage.I kept rewinding the Video so I could take in the great footage which by the way I really enjoyed.Then I went back because I was admiring the phone collection which by the way I had the chance to check out all but the very First one.Awesome Review as I think this was one of my favorites.Keep up the Great Reviews appreciate it Deb

JD Premium says:

It's the best phone in 2017

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