HTC 10 Review: The Best Android Phone You’re Not Buying

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HTC’s 2016 flagship is a stellar smartphone from the company that brought you the aluminum unibody – but with downgraded speakers and a camera that’s just okay, it’s not quite the Perfect Ten its name implies. Still, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the HTC 10’s shortcomings would be totally forgivable ones … if only the price was a little lower. The HTC 10 has been on the market for months, MrMobile has used it for a large portion of those months, and you wouldn’t stop asking for a review in the comments – so settle in for Michael Fisher’s HTC 10 review!



This HTC 10 review was published after approximately 90 days with an HTC 10 review device on loan to MrMobile from HTC. The device was tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston, New York City, and rural New York State. It was paired with an Android Wear watch for the entirety of the test period.


Android Central’s HTC 10 Review:

Jerome Ortega’s HTC 10 FLAC video:


HTC 10 (Unlocked)

Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

OnePlus 3

Samsung Galaxy S7


“The Ballad of MrMobile,” Mobile Nations 2016.

“Beach” by JAM Studio, available at Premium Beat:

“Overflowing” by Score Squad, available at Premium Beat:



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Zeeshan Nasir says:

good review

Zeeshan Nasir says:

I like my new HTC 10

Tomas Krejci says:

Hi there could You compare HTC 10 and HTC 10 EVO? As I am thinning to buy one of it but I don't know which to chose

Andrea Di Napoli says:

#MrMobile I apologize. I did not know you before today.
You're making planty of amazing videos, good job!

So, do you think still worth to buy this htc10? I can't get rid of my M8: everytime I look for other smartphone, he look at me with his redish sparlky metal-frame like he's saying "C'mon, you know I'm better than him!".

oliver franklin says:

Tut tut no front firing speakers.

mkleren hyrino says:

you see im tired of htc becaues the battery always sucks and its slow

Metal sucks says:

HTC are good phones but their batteries are rubbish.

jokovic9 says:

why htc is not best seller? just because you have brain washed marketing sucker people, they will buy shit in a can.

Jimmy a Geek says:

HTC 10 Have a 1080p Option for Gaming Which is Great!

fadi k says:

Best android mobiles

Freddy Handsley says:

I can't weight to get it!

jamari ! says:

this design is what killed it for me

George Mateo says:

I love it so much but i can t aford it

Nayemul Islam Ayon says:

OP3T or HTC 10??? regarding performance and camera.

Samuel Eastwood says:

your the motherfucking man. reach for the sky you will be be as big as you want to be. remember that.

beastieboys3 says:

just bought the phone but about to return it. please tell htc not to use aluminum on a phone this size again. it makes the phone heavy for its size. and its bulky a 9mm thick. feels good in the hand but as soon as you put a case, even a thin one, on it……and its slippery as hell too. and the bottom bezel is big enough for a front facing speaker. and the screen is lifeless with not so great viewing angle with that purple/pink tint. but the battery on this thing is good though. recommend this phone if you can find it at $200 or less in good condition.

David Dado says:

waiting HTC 11 =]

alishah Heh says:

It's Best…! ♥♥♥

curhx11 says:

as a continue to what you have said in the end,
you still prefer the HTC 10 over the OP3T?
in my country their prices are almost the same, what should i buy?

Crazcompart says:

I look at four important things when choosing an Android handset, especially a flagship…1) Heavy use durability (time between factory resets – if needed at all – to get rid of compiled garbage that slows down operation – This is you, Samsung, LG, Google, and Motorola!)… 2) Multitasking speed (especially now with upcoming Nougat split screen functions)… 3) Support for adoptable storage (in Marshmallow and Nougat – Are you paying attention, Samsung and LG?)… and 4) Superb on board audio quality output through standard headphone jacks (without installing a third-party EQ app – See this too, Sammy?)… The HTC 10 fills those shoes for me!

madtrexx says:

HTC ended when they abandoned the real SENSE. The last nice sense iteration was on HTC X ONE. The Sense on Sensation or older devices was THE THING what we all loved. It was one of its kind. Its was gorgeous to look on it. Those widgets, homescreen, whaeter app. And what left now? Strictly the same shit like pure android offers. I dont say shit as negative. Its just the same. Even the icons are not so nice like they where in 2011 or 2010. The old Sense was the best thing they made and what was outstanding. If they would reboot sense, thay might win more than lose. Because human eyes like nice things 😉

Alex Gonzalez says:

This guy is like the Jim's Review Room of Phones. SO so classy, with a just a touch of quirky. You're absolutely KILLING it bro, keep it up!!

Khai Mrant says:

Dear HTC,
Remember what happened to Nokia?

wero454 says:

I wish HTC releases their version of a Moto G plus. a mid-range solid-built phone. HTC 11 junior?

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