HTC U Ultra Review: HTC’s weirdest, most beautiful phone yet

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Alex checks out HTC’s enormous glass-backed slab, the U Ultra, which might just be the most unusual handset yet from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

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Ron Lunsford says:

I love people saying that the Ultra is a waste of space… Thanks MK… Honestly, there's a few omissions that drive me nuts… Wireless Charging??? But other than a few minor things, the Ultra is the best phone I've used.

I needed a replacement for my Note 5, and since my dreams of the Note 7 went up in flames, I had to find thr right mix of power and design to replace it. After making my short list: Big screen, Great camera, Decent battery life and Good feel in hand, I took a chance on the Ultra. I'm really glad I did.

The phone is very we balanced, has much better battery life than I ever imagined and by far the best camera of any phone I've used in the last few years. I would definitely rate it ahead of the S7 and the current One Plus offerings. The secondary display was the one gimmicky feature that I was still wondering if it would be a disaster or not. After using it for a while now, I have to say, it's a huge battery saver. I run about 16 hours a day of moderate business usage and I don't usually fall much below 50%.

Overall, the Ultra has been a great multifunction device for me and I think it would be for many others if they just gave it a solid look.

Minh Pham says:

While the whole industry is going for the big display with small chassis philosophy, HTC decided to release the most space-wasting phone ever. As an HTC 10 user, please Help This Company 🙁

Steven D says:

Congrats HTC, you've created the first phone that your hands need a step ladder to use.

Steven McClellan says:

I keep seeing people trying to down the battery in this phone but don't see nearly as many people saying anything about the larger screen s8 having the same size battery… but I digress… Samsung is perfect

FiiF says:

anything about the htc 11 ? this phone is a poor use of space and a company

George Etchingham says:

It's fucking gorgeous

But that's all it is

r3load says:

htc ocean better be good because this peace of crap definitely ruined their reputation even more!!!!

MrTocmelea says:

near S8 the Ultra looks ancient. Exactly like S5 looked near One M7. sad

sam Fly says:

big phone with such a little battery no I'm not going to buy this phone for sure

Abdul Baqi says:

how u compare this with LeEco le max 2?

Brian Burrell says:

Well I hope this is a generic version in the Ultra series. I've been praying for a large screen HTC phone, please don't let this be it.

Luke et says:

HTC 11 5.5 inch lg g6 and s8 style almost bezzle-less qhd amoled bit more bezel​ to allow for front facing speakers, quad DAC head phone jack. finger print scanner on the back 6gigs of ram and SD 835. and if not I'm certain one plus will deliver all this in the op5 so I'll probably go for that.

MrOnlyforcommenting says:

this phone is dead on arrival and im not even kidding.

take a look at s8. it stole the show. even the lg g6 hype is dead.

Jason 168 says:

I really like HTC Software and I also hope they did better on the hardware department, so sad their new hardware to my opinion falls way behind LG G6 and Samsung S8…

Kimo Kalihi says:

Please stop using the word baked to talk about software on phones.

Todestuete says:

It was sad that HTC was unsuccessful with phones like the One X/S, M7/M8, but their key advantages (great build, fast performance, clean UI) just aren't anything special anymore.

sayresy Devino says:

HTC Ultra v Nvidia1080Ti

Pigmon Ford says:

It's probably their most beautiful and their worst.

Alex Harvey says:

htcs special detail was sound and then they said fuck that

Goran Petrovic says:

well, too soon user unfriendly decision to remove 3.5 and DAC and amp and real good sound, and to replace it with gimmicky U Sonic feature while included USB C earphones work only with U and no other htc or non htc phone, and while other 3.5 earphones won't work with U on 3.5 to USB C adapter unless you use adapter from htc…all that mess while all worthy competition kept 3.5 in 2017 and even improved it… delusional and unfocused htc leadership created a monster anti htc fan phone that is pure example of waiste of space. Is it possible that Wang simply doesn't care for phone making or she even intentionally wants to ruin htc phone biznis? this is so bad thought phone that you have to wonder how one company in dire need for a succes offered that U Ultra expecting huge sales and all of that for 750? crazy. or it is not.

Robert Carlos says:

I'm really enjoying the Ultra. The camera is excellent. The build is beautiful. I don't miss the headphone jack as much as I thought I would.


pls reply guys I luv android central

DT B says:

it's seems like a HTC is dying and this phone killed them.

Aaanze says:

Looks like a 750$ meh to me

Samuel Better says:

great review.

Jimmy a Geek says:

The Phone is Selling for $600 So its a Great Value

Samuel Better says:

seriously this is a fail for HTC.

T. Money says:

Way too much left out, for $750.00. They have gotten away from what brought them to the party such as boom speakers, a feature that they should have NEVER gotten away from!!!! I guess some companies, do not learn, from their mistakes. This phone, could have been a major, major hit.

Wasim Rahman says:

HTC= Help The Company

Ezaya Kashiwazaki says:


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