HTC U Ultra Review: Ultra Sized Phone With an Ultra Price

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With a unique design and a secondary display, does the latest HTC flagship have what it takes? Find out, in our HTC U Ultra review!

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LeBronGreens says:

Phone's shit

James Matthew Badilla says:

I'd rather have a defective Note 7 than this garbage. HTC please just copy Pixel next year since you manufacture them.

August Justine Noche says:

No one's gonna buy this shit LMAO

4g63mark says:

I expect to hear the same negative comments about a 3000 mAh battery in the S8, as we hear about the HTC 3000 mah battery.

tange2000 says:

I av the HTC 510 best phone ever was gonna by new HTC it won't be this one no headphone Jack WTF couldn't care if the camera could see the dust in the sky from the stars

اكتشف _ عقلك ؟!! says:

what about honr 8 lite

Spread the Word Not Gossip says:

I got mine at the beginning of March and I love it. The battery life is really good and I love how sense companion told me to charge my phone because it new I was going out.

As for lack of 3.5mm jack, not a problem I can still listen to music and I have never needed to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time.

Both cameras are exceptional in all conditions and I love the colour range that are available.

VipapkStudiosOfficial says:


Marklin Ang says:

HTC seems to know how to screw up every year. They have a good track record of that.

Dick B. says:

I have not considered an HTC phone since I replaced my M8, which I keep as a backup. Since then, HTC has perfected the art of making phones that badly miss the mark. The U, unfortunately, continues that practice. At $750 one expects some flagship features (IP68, wireless charging, bleeding edge specs). The U might generate some excitement at $450; at $750 it elicits either a head shake or laughter. Truly sad.

Connor Stevens says:

No forward facing speakers? 🙁

XxN3mesisxX says:

Thanks guys, looks like I'll be getting a LG G6.

arjun viswam says:

who design's these things??
man this is pathetic

Dj DiDAS says:

U are unoriginal. U are disappointing. U are uninspiring. U are getting
worse. U are losing customers. U are OVER PRICED. U ARE HTC

scootosan says:

these will end up on secondary markets like Cricket or Boost.

infinatious says:

why didn't they take the htc 10 and add back boomsound and upgrade the internals

Strangerer69 says:

They're just following the evolutionary straight line and not the curve: Bigger screen, faster processor, removed headphone jack. Nothing new or exciting.

Topkek 69 says:

annoyingly big/=/ 5.7 inches

Bart Christiaan says:

I have this very phone and I'm very happy with it. My old HTC still works perfectly but with all the new updates on apps got a little slow. The U Ultra has the same beautiful build quality HTC is renown for, and about the specs? I don't really care if my car can do 150 or 210mph as long as the quality is there I'm happy. same goes for my phones.

Milk IsYourLastResort says:

Its LG and Samsungs years…. HTC did so bad this year and this wont sell

btje vtje says:

the title should be: htc rant

sahil mehndiratta says:

the back is not actually a fingerprint magnet. does attract fingerprint, but magically all those marks go back on their own.
only issue is the area near camera hump. that does attract lint. but overall back surprisingly does remove fingerprints on its own. Guess coating makes the difference. Unlike S7 edge in which the finger prints remain embedded even if you clean the phone

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