HTC U11 review: A powerful Android phone that knows how to have fun

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The annals of Android are littered with one-and-done gimmicks that were originally hailed as the next big thing. Indeed, from slide-out game pads to built-in projectors, way too many Android phones have included features that never caught on. So, will the new Edge Sense feature in the HTC U11 meet a similar fate? Probably. But the U11 is still a great phone that’s fun to use.

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Piyath Alawatte says:

If it's a gimmick how does it work? A gimmick means an unreliable flashy feature which has no usefulness at all. Edge sense is pretty clever in my opinion as it allows you to activate multiple things without even changing your grip at all. Once you get used to it it'll be pretty sweet.

jad hzim says:

paid by samy and lg you are the gimmik

crosswire7777 says:

What a click bait title, there's nothing fun about this phone. I want my 3 minutes back

Mr. Obvious The Fifth says:

HTC, the best company at making the shittiest phones.

Kathy Liggins says:

A pretty color but a squeezable phone…really!

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