HTC U11 Review

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In five years reviewing smartphones I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so full of contradiction as the HTC U11. A stunning backplate mated to a forgettable face; fast software blunted by extraneous gimmicks; slick multimedia features without a big battery to back ‘em up. Even the name “U11” seems an awkward compromise of last year’s simplicity and this year’s … peculiar claptrap. But despite all the flip-flopping, the HTC U11 is a good smartphone with some unique features; find out whether they’re enough to make it matter, in MrMobile’s HTC U11 Review!



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MrMobile’s HTC U11 Review was produced following seven days with an HTC U11 review unit on loan from HTC. The device was tested on Sprint in Greater Boston and was not paired with a wearable. Due to the pre-release nature of the HTC U11 review device, final conclusions are subject to change following retail availability.


Android Central’s HTC U11 Review:


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“E-Business” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:

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“No Major Delays” by Julian Bell, available at Premium Beat:



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Bane Tudajfor says:

Best frigin' mobile tech reviewer out there!
Thank you again, Captain TwoPhones 😉

Steve Hirjak says:

I think this is your hardest review on an HTC yet. You usually really like their stuff. It's also one of the hardest reviews on the U11 yet. Everyone else seems to think the camera is "at least as good" as the S8 while yours is "almost as good." Can't wait to try myself. I totally agree with the Sense companion and I can't believe they are still trying to put Blinkfeed into their phones which is awful. I do think this phone is the best buy out currently (barring a stunning camera and solid software on the upcoming Oneplus 5), though. I hope it gets the love it's due from the public, but online only generally only results in sales to geeks…so I think you may be right on the sales…S8 for most, geeks will shop for cheap phones like the new Motos or the Oneplus.

Ghork1 says:

Only reason HTC sells worse than samsung is that samsung owners are forced to continusly update due to shitty laggy touch wiz, i'll probally get this, though my htc one (m7) still runs fine

bruhs fer days says:

HTC = Hail The Champion

Jason Booth says:

the G4 also had acoustic focus

Ran Bar-Levi says:

I am tired of forgiving battery life.
Either they make a phone that can last A full busy day or they can keep the shiny toy for themselves.

Hammad Khalid says:

Please man review sony xz premium its worth upgrade beat the galaxy s8

MrBlitz says:

The problem isn't that the S8 is "more advanced" than the U11, the problem is that the S8 is more popular than the U11. People will buy a phone because it's trendy and never think twice what they're actually getting for their money…. so sorry the U11 is better in this regard, even though I'd never buy either the S8 or the U11.

Rohan Charlesworth says:

I have used HTC phones since the XDA II, XDA Exec, HTC S740, Desire/Bravo, One X, M7, M8, M9 (ffs) and the 10. I now use a Pixel because I just like stock and no bloat the best. HTC has a lot of weird issues like 'suggestions' and 'sponsored content' in blinkfeed. Things like this should just not be on a premium device as well. Also HTC does have good battery optimisation but its just insane they have a huge hi-res display but throw in a battery that would have been normal maybe 2 years ago? I one of the biggest fanboys of HTC going but how are so many morons missing issues like this?

kunal sharma says:


kunal sharma says:

what a review….


Regis Bodnar says:

This is a phone I'd probably buy, albeit begrudgingly; I haven't really been able to get behind most OEMs. IT would either be this, the Pixel 2, or some Moto something…

The reason I say begrudgingly is I have a Google Pixel and I still use the HTC 10 from time to time for media

Matthew Jardine says:

I also do not understand the whole squeeze thing… It is really gimmicky. Why not just add another programmable button?

sina jany says:

I am so tired of hearing Galaxy S8 in every U11 review!!!U11 is just better,it might not have the superior display or front panel but,it has a lot of features that are not found in any other phones at the moment!

pratham kesarkar says:

that bezel are bigger than Niki Minaj's Ass

Alvin Capalad says:

This phone camera is way better than the S8 and Pixel.. Is there an issue with the review phone?

David Thomas says:

I'm a simple man….

Chase Null says:

this phone is dead. cellphone carriers salesmen wont carry it because it comes with too many accessories they dont make money on. the squeeze is a gimmick equal to bixby, and the phone is boring in design this includes the fancey paintjob since you will prob. cover it

Osoro Moenga says:

There are honestly only four reasons why people buy the phones they have; brand loyalty, showing off, budget and how the phone looks. To me the HTC ticks all of them except the budget of course, I will choose this phone over the S8

lisa s says:

teiwan trash.
never buy.

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