Huawei P10 Plus Real Camera Review: Leica for the win!

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An early front runner for our favorite smartphone camera of 2017, let’s take an in-depth look at photo and video performance on the P10 Plus!
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JZ VR says:

Huawei has such amazing cameras.

freddywayne says:

I absolutely agree with you about leaving the light grain in the images. It makes the picture look more correct & authentic. My noise reduction algorithms on my ZTE Axon 7 kills so much information from the image.

free mov says:

mega pixels vs mega pickles differences????????????????

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

Oh Huawei.

How far you have come. From a mediocre shooter in the P8 to a great stills performer but mediocre video performer in the P9 and now to a superb stills performer and pretty solid video performer in the P10.

The only thing that's keeping me from considering this phone is whatever Honor might announce.

Anime ASMR says:

6:46 Jaime Rrrrrrivera

Somu GHOSH says:

is it better than s8?

Eric TCC says:

12.32 Player 2 has entered the game???

Rachi Siders says:

Hey Juan were all the lowlight shots besides the streaking tail lights all handheld? Thinking I may need to give LG a rest and pick up one of these bad boys in the future. Keeping my V20 though but after that who knows. I just love those lowlight images.

alex knotts says:

hey I love you camera and audio reviews I watch them all!! Question, is the p10 plus a large improvement in the video recording department from the mate 9 or is it the same pretty much?


I can imagine how creepy Juan looked just standing outside that gate in the middle of the night just recording 😂

Panino Manino says:

The colors of this thing are the best, I'm impressed.

Jevie Love143 says:

iphone 7+ or huawei p10+ .. help me choose !!!

Walt Samarista says:

@JuanBagnell looks like Jules had some real fun there

deedav98 says:

I wanna see one of these videos for the U Ultra. not because I'm thinking about getting one I just wanna know if HTC is really making improvements n not just putting lipstick on a pig

Tekky Quickbits says:

You like pickels don't ya?

Howard Zhang says:

Juan is THE best camera reviewer on youtube! that's it!

JennisionabIe says:

What do you guys think of this camera compared to the S8 camera?
Also any idea when S8's real camera review will be coming?
Love your stuff!

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