Huawei P10 Review! – Beautiful phone, Unique Camera Experience

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The Huawei P10 is an interesting smartphone. Stunning hardware, a unique camera system and generally good performance make it a good overall device. But is it worth it? Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

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Ron the HHO Man says:

change your language to English united States and the Google Assistant will work

Matthias Kirchler says:

I really love your vids!!!!!!

Harrison Broadbent says:

crispier than mkbhd

ApkDeveloper says:


Bas says:

As far as everything else goes, it's great, nothing too special, but holy shit that camera.

DopeSpill says:

I was summoned here via the Taco Bell, thumbs up on the vid!

Ishak K says:

Great Camera 📱 👌🏻

Royal Tech says:

Great video Bro!

Tudor Cretu says:

sorry(hi for my bad english)

Kenny Philtjens says:

great revieuw wich would you prefer more xperia x performance or huawei p10 i had huawei before and had alot of issues with the notifications so im not sure what to pick i love the fingerprint scanner on this more but overal the x performance i like more

ThinkCleverAndSmart says:

The video you did with the phone seems very choppy to me. Was this just this vid, or was it really that choppy?

TechLineHD says:

Great stuff man!

SnazTastic Kobe says:

I ❤️ your nose.

Ilja Miskov says:

Great video man! Loving the close-ups and colors. Also noticed NothingButTech88 here 😁

David Hepworth says:

iPhone copy 👿👿👿

Christopher Flanagan says:

Great video pal! Love the shot with the teal door as a background! Also, liking the snapback look!

#Hashtag says:

g6 s8 iPhone pixel or this

#Hashtag says:

this goes out to the people saying "First"


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