Huawei P10 Review: Best Phone of 2017 So Far?

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In over a week with the Huawei P10 I think it could be the best phone of 2017 so far! Check out my review and my thoughts on the Dual Leica 2.0 Camera system. Battery Life, performance and more!
Thank you to Ash Tailor for helping me shoot in Barcelona!

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Angelo Wapad says:

Hey Danny Winget_ I just wanna ask for help from the you !!

I'm struggling to choose between the "Huawei p10" and the "Samsung galaxy A5 2017"

Tod 1 says:

No the G6, S8 and Honor 8 Pro are all far superior.

Daniel Serapio says:

wut game is that?

nandesh vaigankar says:

Tony stark @3:40

Anas Hamran says:

What about audio , does it really come with stereo sound system ?

Dolores Jagodic says:

aah i want this phone 😀

Sam Dee says:

soon all western phone companies will vanish…

chakir EMinem says:


divyankar vikram singh says:

Awesome video Danny like always..and kool Tshirt too.. 😊

NightTimeRush says:

Nice review, what color is this? This is not blue? Looks like purple I love it

Arthur Xie says:

made in China, and designed in China.

Tim Pagnotta says:

Is this phone available in the US yet??? Is this a better phone than the iPhone 7 plus???

Syncro Van says:

The camera on P10 is better than S7 ?

Abdul Tajj says:

I like this guy! What a very nice video👍

Kevin Lim says:

Hi Danny,
Thanks for the best review of the P10.
May i ask a question here, does all colours comes with Hyper Diamond Cut/Sandblast like you have mentioned in the video 0.045s ?

chadavox says:

My phone just went dead on me. I am torn in between of getting a new Huawei P10 and Samsung S7. Which one do you suggest ? I love photography

Isaac Callison says:

You had me at "Don't use this as a nail file….scritch scritch…"

Cris Mo says:

Is he a huawei employee ?!!

Marek Buzo says:

I like the fingerprint

Marek Buzo says:

I don't know why but i really want it although i still have my iPhone 6s Plus

Marek Buzo says:

The phone looks good

gaurav dalal says:

hey, currently i m using iphone 7 , should i need to purchase huwaei p10

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