Huawei P9 Lite Review | Best sub-$300 phone!

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This is a detailed review of the Hauwei P9 Lite, the smaller sibling of the P9 I already praised so much being one of the top phones to buy at the moment.

00:13 Overview

01:22 Design & Build
03:38 Design
04:43 Sound
06:14 Performance
07:59 Battery
08:41 Software
09:48 Camera

11:24 Conclusion

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Θοδωρής Στρατιώτης says:

what is the names of the games that you played?

Mike Roditis says:

how to move to SD card apps ????????????

Sman Gman says:

Great review Damir

Crazed M says:

I watching this on my P9 lite

Peša says:

shuld i buy p9lite or lenovo k6?

Travis Plume says:

What's the shooting game you were playing?

Stephen Curry says:

p9 lite or Samsung a5 2017 or huawei gr5 ? which is better sir?

Ace Ofspade says:

i'm planing to buy p9 lite but i cannot find 3GB RAM version. Do you think 2GB RAM version would have dificulties to run the apps in like 2 years? I currently have Samsung Core Duos that was excellent for a while but last 6 months it's pain in the ass. I like to stick to one phone, and my budget is enough to buy p9 lite. Thanks

Flierman says:

I have the P9 lite and bought it after seeing your review. I really like the is great!

Mr Solo says:

can i get this phone even in 2017 or there is better phones with the same price this year ?

Heartbeat says:

I gotta buy a new phone but I can't really decide, this one or the asus zenfone 2 selfie? They both look like great phones but i'm leaning towards the zenfone tho since I prefer bigger phones and it still looks like a decent smartphone

Alaa Shawkat says:

can i watch VR videos with the p9 lite ?

Qaziush says:

is it better then Samsung j7 2016?

Hanna Pramholt says:

Nice video! Bought this phone yesterday, good to know it was a good choice!

Gregi Liberšar says:

I have a problem here.. my phone (Lenovo P70) has a screen problem… It spazzes out and the screen has 15 screen updates per seckond… I'm in a budget of 400 EUR and I'm looking for a new phone. I'm not a phone expert so i need advice for picking my new phone… I have this Huawei P9 lite Dual SIM in mind that costs 300 EUR.. Is it worth a new phone and a nihgt at the club? plz tell me. Thx

jordan venn says:

I've owned an s5, s6, s5 neo and now I've got the p9 lite and I've got to say this is the best phone I've ever owned, i was very unsure about buying a Chinese phone but I'm so glad i did, it's an amazing phone 10/10 would definitely recommend 😃

Abdullah Safdar says:

u r very intelligent. Great review

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