Huawei P9 Phone and Camera Review: Leica or Not?

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Check out camera samples of the Huawei P9 here:

Huawei’s P9 has a Leica endorsed dual camera lens, but does it perform well as the manufacturer claims? We find out.

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Abubaker15september Omer says:

I'm confused a lot which one is to buy?s7 or p9. Or iPhone 7plus. Please help me guys. Your consideration will be appreciated.

izzuddin izz says:

hi bro.. patut ke saya tukar dari lg g5 ke p9?

Colin Wiseman says:

3:40 – Look at the exposure time between the 2 photos… P9 = 0.0583 / Samsung = 1/7 (0.1428)… the Samsung had a longer exposure, so the picture is better as it can have a lower ISO, meaning less noise and better sharpness and more light…

Zakhar Varivoda says:

next. mislead – exposure time on 3.34. if you want compare shots do it in similar conditions and with similar settings. no automodes becouse software is different, modules different. so if you want show which night shots better set same iso's, shutter speed and etc.

Zakhar Varivoda says:

Do not mislead people. "summarit" is a name of lenses Leica brand. Huawei not interested in lie and will not write "summarit" with no reasons. I presume that if lenses not leica then huawei will write just "leica" without "summarit". Lenses and optic construction of module designed by leica, produced on Sunny factory and based on Sony matrix. Also leica was involved in image processing and app development.

Rey Ourten says:

may be you're hate P9 😄 LOL

Harry Potter says:

huawei are cheaters, will never buy any of their product,

rasta k8 says:

Fyi The shutter key is the power key,,, it is so convinient to use

RandomKidd says:

The right one is RGB and left one Monochrome, not reverse!

Twirly Baker says:

so does huawei p9 is better than huawei honor 8?

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