Icom ID-4100 D-Star mobile quick review

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Just a brief look at the new ICOM ID-4100 D-Star mobile. Thanks to GIgaParts for letting me play with this.
Radio has some familiar features for a lot of us Dstar users. Also added are some NEW features such as Terminal Mode, Access Point Mode, and 4 different colors on the display.
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Trevor Putterill says:

if you just supported APRS

buzzsah says:

ic 4100 or whats the difference id 4100a?

Bill Sbalvard says:

Terminal and hotspot modes would be great to see if that is even working at present. Good video.

HJCF0520 says:

Looks like a great radio! It would be cool if it had APRS but I like the multiple color options. Great video.

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