Injustice 2 Mobile: BANE. Super move | Gameplay | Review. Android/IOS

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BANE gameplay, super move, talents, abilities in Injustice 2 Mobile 1.3 IOS/ Android. Bane has one of the best passives among all silver heroes. New silver bane moves, attacks and detailed review! He works great with Black Canary and Green Arrow in Injustice2 mobile.

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Andy Larson says:

It is laggy star 🙁

Erdem çelik says:

Mkx is more better than injustice.ı wont play it.

jesus munoz says:

I'm stuck in elite 4 when I'm supposed to but in untouchable help if u know how to fix this

Talent Tree God says:

I Love Injustice 2 Mobile.
Anyone Agree With Me?
Please Reply.

TheDabing Gamer says:

Now I'm more in injustice!

Cap Rogers says:

It seems like you are loving Injustice more then mkx but we love to see you doing mkx but I still don't want to unsubscribe

Vishvesh Choudhary says:

Mkx video will be highly appreciated now.. waiting for one

Annabelle Hiebert says:

play mkx or unsub to you

Jacqueline partrik says:

can u play mortal kombat x

crazy nigga says:

BANE is like a kano but with more hair =]

Dead Stabb says:

starinsky if you pin I'll drink bleach and upload a vid in my channel and question will you play IJ2 ON PS4 OR XBOXONE IF YOU HAVE
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