Injustice 2 – Mobile Game Breakdown And REVIEW + Tips And Tricks!

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Have you played the Injustice 2 Mobile App? If so what do you think?
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Thomas Butler says:

How do you get the game early because I thought it came out on the 11th

big weld says:

do you think you Will be able to buy the ultimate edition shaders later on? bc i cant cancel my standard edition pre-order

F5maintenance says:

Shit shit, I have the legendary Batman, horrific scarecrow, and emerald green lantern, I did the Philippines time zone thingy and I live in the US, does that mean all my stuff is gonna be wiped 😰 ?

Ultimate KillerKombat X says:

Awesome video bro.

Darkflames1978 says:

I thought it launched on the 11th?

Eric Angeles says:

1st but nobody cares😐

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