Injustice 2 Mobile | Half Ass Review

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The Black Hokage shares his thoughts on Injustice 2 mobile

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Kendall Turner says:

You can hold 2 fingers down to block…

Schoolboy Sweatpants says:

Isn't the girl in the thumbnail Penny from the Big Bang theory?

Husani Sterling says:

Review the game Street Basketball Association

yvngtrapgodd says:

can you weirdo ass niggas quit talkin bout the wonder women cosplay / actor on the thumbnail lmao yall some nerds .

Riley Freeman says:

Game crashes after a couple straight arena game, my friend says it crashes when he starts up story. And the character chests are terrible 5/10 chests I open will be robin the other 5 will be catwoman, those are my only problems game is a 7/10 for me

ThatBoi Ojay says:

Review battlebay next….its pretty just wanna see your opinion on it

Nathan Guzman says:

What ever happened to dokkan battle?

ItsMichaelAkin says:

Injustice: GAU mobile is so much better. It was less of a cash grab and you felt like you could actually get good characters. I ended up getting gold doomsday and my goodness, he was really good with some gear and that 'hero killer' perk.

Iman Owliaie says:

The controls in this game are horrible – I do like the implementation of upper and lower attack though, that's new.
But in terms of in-depth gameplay mechanics, I recommend you go watch its competitor Marvel: Contest of Champions.
Injustice 2 is more focused on a gear/level-based combat system, whilst its competitor Marvel: Contest of Champions is focused on a skill-based combat system. Graphics are gorgeous in Injustice 2 though!

bobby haywood says:

You can just hold down two fingers to block

Finesse God says:

so this is free right, if there's a story mode and arcade…why did I buy this $60 game on console lol

Rizoh says:

Play Darkness Reborn its free for iPhone and Androids

187 GlockShot says:

dokkan battle

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