Injustice 2 Mobile – Injustice 2 Soft Launch Review

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In this Injustice 2 Video, we summarize the Soft Launch of Injustice 2.

Achievements/Daily Rewards I feel are very well done. Despite it being a Soft Launch/Beta, I feel that doing the Dailies are critical for a new player, but also to achieve certain things. Leveling up the account, unlike Mortal Kombat X, can only be done with Daily Objectives. It would be nice if there were titles or specific things you could buy at a certain Level.

Operations – Amazing Feature, something that could be the mode that makes Injustice 2 stand out the most. Hopefully they add in Operations for characters over 4,000 Threat in the final launch, simply giving greater rewards potentially. It will also be interesting if they will ever add in specific rewards based on what you pick for an operation. This is a great way to level up three more cards you plan on using, or to help jump start a new character you receive, for example, Catwoman, The Flash, Gorilla Grodd, etc.

Training Missions are HORRIBLE, the rewards are too small for the return, and not worth doing. I feel that Training Missions either need a buff to the loot obtained, and/OR not require energy. You should also get XP in this mode on the three characters you use.

Arena could use a lot of attention. There are several things wrong with this mode. First, the end of season rewards are way too low. The Daily Reward is NOT what you get, you get a lot less. Also, Threat usually doesn’t matter at all, you could fight someone with 5,000 more Threat, and only use one guy to beat the team. I also feel the “Pip” system should regenerate one per hour, and NOT all of your pips in one day. I get that they want people to pay to get the best rewards, but it makes the mode pointless to play. To further point out the flaws in Arena, it takes 50 Arena Points to buy FIVE fragments out of 160 for Predator Batman, and Telekinetic Gorilla Grodd. And I think this cost is too expensive. And Gear? You can get it all in Battles and Operations, why?

Now, there are three modes that we are uncertain about. Challenges could be a cool feature, is it going to be like DC Legends where you can do limited time events to obtain shards or new characters? Or will it be like Injustice where if you complete it, you get a 1-2 Star character outright? Somehow I have a feeling this is going to introduce new, unique characters.

Leagues going to be like Alliances, so you can FINALLY communicate with each other? This would be a godsend. Or have League Battles amongst Youtubers, possibilities are endless and let’s hope they don’t screw it up like they did the Arena.

Story Mode is going to be an interesting mode. Will it be like Injustice 1 Battles, with a way to possibly farm Credits without spending Energy? Or a way to get characters, one time only, kinda like progressing through Normal Mode? We will have to see. I hope they do it like Injustice 1 to have that classic feeling.

Gear is cool, but I really hope they introduce Gear that works on ANY character, or ANY character for that specific Class. Even some powerful gear that while it breaks up a set bonus, can still turn the tide of battle, much like Ra’s Al Ghul’s Scimitar gives you Power, you could start with up to 5 Bars of Power to sacrifice a weapon slot. You could Re-enact Lexcorp, Fourth World, and take up those specific 3 slots and get new Set Bonuses too.

Talents are also cool, a great way to customize your fighters. It would be cool to see some options for Operations besides XP, like 2/5/10% Chance to get Loot, 5/10/20% more Credits, etc.

We will have to see, while a lot of people hate Injustice 2 in comparison to 1, this is a soft launch and limited stuff is in the game. Don’t write the game off, and grind the game in case they don’t wipe stuff.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, or video ideas, please run them my way! If you like the video, feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and help get the word out to your friends.


FreneticEttin 77835 says:

graphics look sick

MAWolfPrimal Killer says:

I really don't care about people who like the game or think is this trash its just a game like come at least give it some love

Marko Milo says:

the graphics are really good, but this game is truely completely pay-to-win compared to injustice 1! this is why IJ1 was so well loved & received – because you could get any character as long as you grind enough (paying to win wasn't required at all!!) IJ2 is utterly a money-grabbing game. fuck that i will not stand for this and will not play it.

Gael Garcia says:

how to download

mikeysbox says:

That " Robin " is Green Lantern

Jason Hurtado says:

Is this in the app store

0ut2Game says:

Injustice 2 is trash Injustice is much better

Chris Sherrard says:

I hate it when there are multiple currencies in free to play games…..oy.

Krish Menon says:

Shone Injustice 1 or 2 which one do u like most?

4PPUROCK123 says:

I'm very very exited for leagues

4PPUROCK123 says:

Last week I was in top 100 and I got 800 gem that's crazy lot

4PPUROCK123 says:

I have no idea what to do with coins in this game I know I can buy packs and upgrade but doesn't feel like it and now I have 500k

The Real BlueRocketPlays says:

The final boss is not robin it green lantern lol I would know cause I beat the game yesterday

Lenard Bulosan says:

Inj 2 looks so ugly

TheMarcusawesome says:

Hollywood shino the final boss is the emerald green lanturn

DW 2405 says:

I have download inj 2 mobile by itunes phillipines,so if i change back to my old iTunes account,does the game crash

Patrick Wang says:

Hollywood the last boss of chapter 4 is emerald green lantern, not robin. Also, I believe that the rewards are fixed, because I got 5000 credits for daily rewards which is what I'm supposed to get but in the previous multiplayer season, I got like 300 when I was supposed to get 2000.

DW 2405 says:

Hi shono and everyone,I'm having 401000 credits in my injustice 1 iOS,I'm also have lv 46 Jessica,lv 40 rebirth raven,flashpoint batman lv 10 elite 1 and a gold black Adam lv 38 elite 8,should I upgrade them and also my straight out damage gears card or should I save up to buy a most wanted pack or arkham pack.Plz answer my question shono,or someone have good skill about the game answer it plz

ace LA says:

do u know when can Android download?

A Generic Anime Protagonist says:

Plays similar like marvel contest of champions

vo diane says:

Can you reply to me

godspeed says:

wish it would release now

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