Injustice 2 Mobile: LEGENDARY ARKHAM KNIGHT BATMAN. Gameplay | Detailed Review

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Arkham Knight Batman gameplay, super move, talents, abilities in Injustice 2 Mobile. Legendary Batman moves, attacks and detailed review! First Legendary Arkham Knight Batman gameplay in Injustice 2 mobile.

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Bleron Mehmeti says:

tf is up with the fps

Reeky Jones says:

Hazards are the area of effect attacks like scarecrows gas or green lanterns buzzsaws.

Soul Steele says:

Get a new device m8

babun das says:

Buy iphone.

Burgee Jantsan says:

you should buy a i pad

Burgee Jantsan says:

thank you for telling me that hey will you do a stream that day ?

aliteism says:

it's gonna relese on android 11 may

It'sMeSavage says:

star please make better reviews, I saw detailed review in the title but it was just a showcase video. This let me down but i hope you do a better job on the other reviews!

Julian Rodham says:

I have completed baraka challenge and my baraka fused

Osama khan says:

iphone 6s plus

Xanaguy The Legend says:

You know how they've been adding secret stuff for characters, right? Special 2 for Liu Kang and Jason… I bet that there is something for the Duo too. (Assassin Jade and Kitana)

Petros Xatzidimitriou says:

Try to unlock his gear.

Islam Zakayev says:


EluciasGamer says:

love your vids bro keep it going

Iván Destin says:

Power Rangers Legacy Wars video?

Angel Renteral says:

A ipad mini

Herp Derp says:

10/10 best intro.

TrainerPeterGamer says:

Awesome Video Injustice 2 Arkham Knight for Batman interesting were I made video about premier skin picture been going online about it show Arkham Knight File for premier skin look like

Cristi ProGamer says:

He has the same primary abillities like silver batman his abillities should've been different.

CyberIced Kunai says:

cant wait for you to make a series of this

Zedd Core172 says:

iPhone so u can bring it with u and do necessary stuff like texting or calling

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