injustice 2 Mobile. Unlocking Multiverse Green Arrow. Gameplay, Review. MY NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER!

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Unlocking Green Arrow Multiverse in Injustice 2 Mobile. Trying out Multiverse team in Injustice 2 Mobile. Multiverse Green Arrow is now my FAVORITE CHARACTER! He is amazing, I want to get more Green Arrow shards to max him out and make a power drain team! I think Multiverse green arrow is one of the best characters in Injustice 2 Mobile!

Unlocking Multiverse Flash:

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  • aros kamal

    What the hell the transfer happened multiple times hd was doing the first ability without costing power 10:12

  • Zaptube Pocket legends

    U have failed this city.

  • leonard zisk

    Hey star I love ur vids I opened pack got klassic goro and I didn’t get in inventory I need help

  • Elliot Two

    hi starinsky you have an amazing voice and pay raiden

  • Miss Alam


  • mark max

    I got him this season he is awesome

  • Marcello Cudnik

    PLEASE PLAY WITH : Bounty hunter Erron Black , Kobu Jutsu Tanya , Aftershock Tremor
    Bounty hunter Erron Black or Punk Cassie Cage

  • ZuRNsIDe GaMiNg AnD MoRe

    6th comment

  • Ali Husnain

    Please make more mkx videos! Thank you!

  • Adeoluwa Adeoye

    I wish i had Muliverse Green Arrow. A power drain special is good, right?

  • Aydin Jaunoo

    He looks like in the series of arrow

  • Mr Niater

    Hes op when maxed out

  • Rufus Kih

    Nice,he is my only 5 stars character and i love him