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In today’s video, I discuss the brand new easter update in Madden Mobile 17 and open up millions of coins worth of packs hunting for crystal legends!! This promo has a ton of new content, so this video will run it all down for you all!

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Hope you enjoy the video, and thank you so much for watching! Peace…

Music Credit: Instrumentals produced by Retnik Beats

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Patrick Naves says:

what is that song's name in 10:24?

Lincoln Friesen says:

I did the love event it was on for only 10mins. and you had to make a comeback in the fourth quarter and get a gold egg

kriyhard Yeet says:

Just snipe the elites 150k and under and you should be set for profit, works for me.

Nick Glavosek says:

Anyone need a league member in NBA Live! Im 82 overall.

An Old Meme says:

im broke af in madden i cant even buy a pro pack

Eggball Fighter says:

coin making method video

Dylan Foreman says:

I'm about to grind TF out on this promo talk about easy asf and as a reward on the live event they give you like multiple collectibles so completing the gold player set goes by fast asf

Chaserdogg 0113 says:

Coin method please!

Carlos Ramos says:

I need 1 more collectible for 99 Von Miller and today is the last day.


Can you send me 100,000 coins @NBA SauceKidd

Christian 7978 says:

i have 137 golden eggs i hope there is going to something good in them and i also pubelled 97 haha and 2 other 93 in just 500k

Gavin Donaldson says:

It only hatches on the 16th and I have ljke 60 golden eggs so I feel it's going to be bad

The Amazing FineFrenchWine says:

Mine gold Easter players go for 20k right now

Ty Pie says:

I sniped a cristal egg for 200000

LilBro Gaming says:

I Have 50 Golden Eggs And 80 Chocolate Bunnys Exact, How About You SabRTooth? I Bet You Have More

Miguel _YT says:

WTF BRO YOU HAVE 3,000,000 COINS!!!! 🙁

Clorox Bleach says:

Unauctinable crystal legends?! Seriously….

Chargers Hackenberg says:

Is it smart to invest in Morgan moses

Danny Maiers says:

If u get the 93 over all elite is the 30 egg set worth it? Thanks for the help!

Matthue says:

Night train looks crazy but do you think he is worth it Sabr?

Brian Vasquez says:

There's a website where I can get 20 mil for $125

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