Invisible Shield HD Glass+ Review – Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus

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Invisible Shield HD Glass+ Review – Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus! I give you a look at the ZAGG Invisible Shield HD Glass+ screen protector for iPhone 7 Plus in this episode. I share why I don’t really like to use iPhone 7 cases, and explain why a screen protector may be the way to go. I also show how to install the Invisible Shield on the iPhone as well – it’s a pretty simple process that ends up providing 3x better scratch and shatter resistance compared to unprotected devices!

Some other standout features:

Crystal Clear smooth tempered glass
With reinforced, beveled edges gives you maximum HD image clarity and remarkable touch sensitivity. The 100% clarity rating means that you aren’t getting any discoloration or anything else when you apply this one – it’s completely see-through to the point where you don’t know it’s there.

New Ion Matrix technology
Provides most advanced impact and shatter protection.

Scratch-resistant design
Protects your device’s screen against damage.

Smart EZ Apply tabs
Make application bubble free. Simply align the adhesive, press it, and watch as Glass+ does the rest. The glass is supposed to do all the work for you.

Lifetime Warranty means that if the HD Glass+ ever gets worn or damaged, ZAGG will replace it for as long as you own your device.

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Andru Edwards says:

What's up #TechSquad? Do you use a case? Screen protector? Both? NOTHING?! 😱 Let me know!

David hunsinger says:

shameless advertising, this wasn't even worth the editing lol #sellout

Goku says:

Hi Andru, I was wondering if you can do a video on some nice cases & screen protectors for devices like the LG G6, U galaxy S8/+ & more. thank you.

The Tech Nerd317 says:

Yes I have so many cases I have at least 35 different cases I use for different situations I have the red iPhone 7 plus and I have a ocd lol about my phone getting scratched or dinted or dropped when I am outside but in the house I take my cases off so I can feel the nice touch of the phone

Aleksandar Apostolov says:

I use my S7 Edge with no protection at all. 😀 iI love the perfect clear design of the galaxy.

2k says:

Rhinoshield all day… get the solid fit with the impact protector…. all you need

michael barkley says:

I put a case and screen protector on every iPhone I get since the phones cost $960.00 + it's only sensible to protect it imo

Debra Dukes says:

Andru I Always enjoy your Reviews. I definitely want to remember this second time I saw this and need to come back to check it out. I usually just use case but when I switch and get new I really want to check it out. Thanks again for sharing Deb. I appreciate it and although I never used one I want to start. Thanks again Deb 👍

Kyle Michot says:

I use a spigen case and screen protector

Mikemarv82 says:

Andrew what do you think about Raspberry Pie for gaming emulation? Is it good? About the video I use a glass screen protection and a incipio dual case

Adrian Adrian says:

I just got my product red 7plus yesterday. I hate cases just like you. And I got rid of my jet black 7plus also hahahah. #twins. But for sure going to pick up one of these protectors!

Carlito says:

I use a slick wraps skin

Donald Easterbrooks says:

Yeah, always have…too much money and i am not as careful as I could be. Just bought the bumper case and shatterproof screen protector from Rhinoshield, love it. It's protecting my wife's phone who has broken a lot of IPhones.

Khaled Elhakem says:

test it's durability 😀

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