iOS 11 Dark Mode Review!

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iOS 11 Brings a New Dark Mode Setting That Looks Amazing. System Wide Night Mode Review in iOS 11 Beta 1.

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Mea - Mustafa emir akbıyık says:

O ios 8 de bile var

dibbax poudexxx says:

when are you giving iphone red give away winner

Lars Migz says:

Very nice review, thanks man…keep 'em coming.

??? ??? says:

This isn't dark mode buddy

Brian Binnie says:

Everything still looks the same. Super boring.

GoBanaenae says:

One does not simply put dark mode on white iPhone

Kio Milenium says:

Will you buy the iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 2?

Matt Ryan says:

wow thinks that he should do a drop test when the i phone 8 comes out

Daniel Kane says:

This makes me want to buy an S8

JandYTech says:

I I think it will get better with new betas

Shubham Upadhyay says:

soul of darkness.

Shaikh Furkan says:

I think they are doing this because they will be implementing oled dispalys

Abhishek 988 says:

i did comment about this mode in ur last video…

Anonymous says:

Anyone hyped for white mode ? XD

Mr Papagiorgio says:

Loving iOS 11 thanks again for your video yesterday! Love this channel been here for about 2 years now 😄

Juan L says:

This update beta made my tablet crash so be careful

Drake McGowan says:

God this guy is a fucking clickbait hole

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