iOS 11 on The iPhone 5S, is It Good ? Review

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iOS 11 on The iPhone 5S, is It Good ? Review

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iDeviceHelp says:

Hey Guys! One thing I forgot to mention is the new screenshot menu to edit your screenshots is Fully featured on the iPhone 5s as well. 👍🏼

Buntheoun Khom says:

Hello brother.. can i jailbreak ios 10.3.1?

Devesh Chhaighariya says:

I phone 5s call record support

Nick's 90 says:

Great review for me as a iPhone5s user

Ryoneftw says:

a fucking

Expect performance issues.

Tanuj Garg says:

please help me to restore ios 10.2 using SHSH2 blobs.

Nizam Ashraf says:

Do iphone SE have 3D touch on IOS 11?

Nizam Ashraf says:

How about iphone SE?

Ryan Nguyen says:

I switch to the 5s to the s8 but I'm still watching this

Vuhgie says:

please sponsor me with your old iphone 😭😭😊

Manthan Korat says:

plz help for how to instol in iphone 5s

Omer Hussain says:

Apple is great mobile brand if you buy 1 iphone it will get updates till the hardware gets too old thank you apple is best

miya Ramirez says:

Hi can you make a video how to download music on my iPhone 5s

Jesse Phipps says:

Assistive touch isn't new

myowncomputerstuff says:

Can you change the flashlight intensity on pre-iPhone 6S models on iOS 11?

Lewis Volturi says:

Thank you for the video and info!

Alvi AR says:

Lol Got 5S
Thought Couldn't Update to iOS 11 on My Phone Cuz It's Too Old And It'd Probably Start From 6 But Now After This Video OHH MAH GAWDDD

Miguel Rios says:


Liam conway says:

My iMessage iCloud doesn’t connect I have a iPhone6 but live in Ireland would that be the reason it’s not working

Mohammad Baharudin Yusuf says:

get a better mic. the audio sucks when you say words with "s" in them.

BlackSn0wz says:

Apple earned some respect from me for this one.

Subhojit Mondal says:

I had to downgrade to iOS 10. iOS 11 is too laggy in iPhone 5S. It needs lots of fixes to do. Need to wait until it releases final of iOS 11.

Patrick Trần says:

Ios 11 make 5s slower than ios 10 indeed

Isgender Isgenderli says:

10.3.2 excelent

G Venkata Rao says:

I have installed on 5S now i have downgraded to ios 10.3.1
Felt good about control centre

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