iPhone 5 in 2017? REVIEW (iOS 10.3.1)

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How does the iPhone 5 hold up in 2017? Should you buy it?
Correction: The color is technically not space gray, but black & slate. It’s a bit darker than the iPhone 5S’s space gray.
iPhone 5 vs 5C: https://youtu.be/4fJCmSuVRus
iPhone 5C in 2017 Review: https://youtu.be/HyloW3XctF8
iPhone 5S in 2017 Review: https://youtu.be/8MsxzpsnfK8

iPhone SE in 2017?

Unbox Therapy’s video on the iPhone 5’s camera:

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TechnoLogix91 says:

Comparison between iPhone 5 and 5C: https://youtu.be/4fJCmSuVRus
Anyways, what do you think of the iPhone 5? Yes or no in 2017?

kleya 1408 says:

Can someone help me? Im using iphone5 version 10.1 sometimes it suddenly turn off and then on and stack up on apple logo. I did some research. The home and sleep click thingy worked for me. It did turned on but few days after it happened again, a few times and now i cant turn it off because whenever i locked it goes black and doesnt turn on anymore. What is happening? Somebody help me! I like this phone! So much! I dont want to replace it 🙁

Mike O'Driscoll says:

I miss my iPhone 5 :/

Haider Jaffar says:

Finally got my 5 white, after iphone 4 atleast better than iphone 4 with iOS 7.

Isti says:

Great video

Zurah says:

I'm planning on getting a 5S for around 100-130$, upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy S2+, is it worth, cause mine is still perfectly fine and still quite fast… ?

RedSamurai27 says:

Still got mine in black 64gb and I love it!

PlayStationRIHSKY says:

The answer is simply YES!

Ice Inducer says:

iOS 11 would drop support for iPhone 5/5c/5S, iPad 4 and iPad Mini 2 because it still uses 1GB RAM. However iOS 11 most likely to support iPhone 6 and above because it is quite ahead faster than iPhone 5/5S though. 5S is the weakest running 64bit, sometimes 64bit doesn't matter in fact 5S is only 1.3GHZ dual core same as iPhone 5 while iPhone 6 is 1.4GHz and uses 2nd generation 64bit. Come on 5/5s users time to upgrade cough cough, my iPhone 4s still better than iPhone 5 and above though at least i can play PPSSPP and jailbreak it since i'm still at iOS 9.

Irishyoda141 says:

I'm watching this on my iPhone 5 and it's as fast as any Samsung or any new android phone I only bought this used two months ago and my battery runs great cause I know what to do to save battery life plus u don't always have to update your software on iOS I'm not updating anymore after 10.2 as my friend still has a iPhone 4 and his runs great on ios9 he has no problems at all do more research before u make these videos because most people haven't got the money for a iPhone 6 and don't mind the iPhone 4 or 5

franchesca salcedo says:

I'm still watching this vid with my iphone 5!!!!

Kaboomerty says:

honestly the iPhone 5 kinda copied the iPhone SE

Techmaster56 Tech says:

Btw when you say space grey the color name of that phone actually was slate black (the phone in the video) and silver. It was a 2012 thing

Curt Chestley says:

also have a iphone 6 and a iPod touch 6G

Curt Chestley says:

yes i have a iphone 5 and i love it

Mr. Trent says:

My iPhone 5 is great

Apple2 Tech says:

Still have one of these, surprisingly it actually runs pretty well on iOS 10.3 beta. Was my daily driver until x-mas when I got a 6s.

Harold Pascual says:


Buck M. says:

I just got the Iphone 5 (for free, so still a good deal), and coming from the 4, it's awesome 😀

Jerome Shelton says:

Hey I can't see your iPod touch 5 in 2017 (9.3.5) video It's not showing up on YouTube

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