iPhone 5 iOS 10.2.1 Review: Should you update?

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iPhone 5 iOS 10.2.1 Review! iOS 10.2.1 for iPhone 5 brings minor updates, but also crucial updates. From crash bugs, and exploitation’s that would allow hackers to take over your device, in this video we review iOS 10.2.1 for your iPhone 5! Leave your comments, questions, suggestions below this video 🙂

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Nick Ackerman says:

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 iOS 10.2.1: https://goo.gl/jk60ke

Oinky Boinky says:

Should i update? I'm in ios 9.3.5 now and wondering if i will update in ios 10.2.1 for my iphone 5 . Please help

Raul Popescu says:

Hello Nick, I need an advice regarding my iPhone 5. It is still running on IOS 8.4.1 do you think that it is a good idea to upgrade to 10.2.1 ? My conceurnes are about the speed and battery life.Thanks and I would much appreciate your thoughts on this.Cheers!:)

ZionixPlayzz says:

My mothers phone freezed when updating and never did stop, I'm scared

DerpBomb Gaming says:

hi, I have a huawei p9 lite, Google LG Nexus 4 and a Sony xperia z3 compact. the headphone jack and speakers have broke from me dropping the Sony on a pavement corner by accident and it's 2 years old, should I buy a used iPhone 5 as a new backup phone? cheers 🙂

argjend berisha says:

I update iphone 5 to ios 10.2.1 but is freezing can you help me

# Satya says:

yu have all answers💙💪💪

Mark Robbins says:

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Tom says:

hey when do you estimate a jailbreak will release for this version?

More ShadowWolf13 says:

after i updated to 10.2.1
i couldnt connect to my wifi i tried my friends wifi and i still didnt work ive tried restarting the device,disconnecting and reconnecting to the wifi and restarting the router any help >_<

Brita ,Kurt says:

My phone is iphone 5c(16gb) and it's running ios 10.2 ..Should I update it to 10.2.1? I decided not to because it might slow the performance of my phone than before if I update it but after I watched this video, I started to think twice again. Hoping for a reply from you sir :/

Nick Ackerman says:

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S iOS 10.2.1 comparison video is now up on the channel :

Mr Nang says:

So my iPhone 5 can update to iOS 10.2.1 or not??

Cheng Chorhong says:

Should I upgrade?

Bhupat Kanabar says:

iPhone 5 32gb iOS 6
should I buy 180$ what do you think nick

Alan Chai says:

Should I update my iPhone 5 to this version from iOS 8.4.1?

OylerMBox says:

I updated 5S from 9.3.5 to 10.2.1 and no longer connects as 4G lte, it only stands on 3G, i prompted different 4G sim cards and same issue with a co-worker so do not update

Jaime J says:

The answer is no do not update to IOS 10 period.

Rei says:

Honestly this video felt irrelevant. Of course you should get every system update lol


Battery is 97 start video, finish 70 omg

Himanshu Doley says:

I just love the colour of iPhone 5 space grey

Himanshu Doley says:

I just love the colour of iPhone 5 space grey

Axel BOUNAN says:

Et la iPhone de couloirs est de la m'aider et l'a iPhone 6c il est bien

Rafi arrasyid says:

battery test on the iphone 5 please

Tony Tanksley says:

Thanks for posting your video. I guess you were lucky. I just upgraded my iPhone 6 to 10.2.1 and it slowed the performance of my phone down significantly. After upgrading, I even restored my phone in hopes of improving performance. No difference. I wish you had included Facebook or the App Store in your test. That app takes forever to load. I also wish someone would post a video of any adjustments you can make to an older iPhone running 10.2.1 to make it run faster.

Iftikhar Yar Khan says:

Hey nick, how are you bro? I really like your videos. I have a really quick question if you would like to answer. In this video you said "ios 10.2 is still jailbreakable" when you were talking about iPhone 5, so my question is that did you jailbreak your iPhone 5? If so, then can you guide me how to do that on ios 10.2, because i so want to jailbreak….

Anang Fauzi says:

hi , i just wanna know still worth to buy ip5 in this year??

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