iPhone 5 iOS 10.2 Review

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iOS 10.2 has been released for your iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus. In this video we do a iPhone 5 iOS 10.2 Review with the intentions of helping you to decide if this is a software update that is going to be worth your time or not.

iOS 10.2 for iPhone 5 brings many new features to the board including the new updated TV application, updates to imessage, updates to apple music and many more features. Within this video you will find iPhone 5 iOS 10.2 new features as well as an iPhone 5 iOS 10.2 speed test all designed to help aid you in the decision of rather or not to update!

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UPDATE: iOS 10.2.1 REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJzt8F1PN_Q

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Denis Šeriif_ovič says:

hahaha he write gay at 4:25

André Guerreiro says:

Help me: i have iphone 5c with 8gb.. should i go for ios 9 or 10 ? i know the 9 is about 1.3gb and 10? about battery drain , what is better ?

PlayStationRIHSKY says:

4:25 LOL

jamari ! says:

my favourite iphone

Nick Ackerman says:

iOS 10.2.1 Review is now up on the channel!

Yasmine Swiftie says:

HAHAHHA love the intro 😂👍🏻

Jon Gashi says:

Wtf i watched this video on iphone 5s and i means i have an iphone 5 or what the heck

Emmanuel Haque says:

I am planning to buy an iPhone 5. They said it's brand new but the Apple Warranty is over. Is that okay?

nmnc app says:

nice review nick, please talk about my app, it's new feature in smartwatch, new invention NMNC app for Adjusting Ringtone level By Heartrate

Danish Ali says:

Experiencing bad battery life on ios 10.2. Phone shuts down at 15% battery and when charged, restarts at 4%…any help?

KEEP IT FRIDGiDD gamerspaz says:

resssen way is becous sum ppl dont have alot of munny so thay ceep there phone thay have and dont upgrad all the time

Faith Mercader says:

Im still using iphone 5 HAHA

Myst says:

Idk how you only have 30k :/ Your videos are so good! Defo one of the best reviewers!!

Jenia Perez says:

I did not have the TV app

Bárbara Brito says:

This new ios doesn't have de picture of the contact in the message?

Arturo Moreno says:

Yo +NickAckerman, I noticed that the TV app is not available in other coutries other than the US. I live in Mexico and it´s not available on my I phone even after I updated to IOS 10.2. Do you know why that is?

Abdul Raheem says:

Congrats on 30K subs!

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