iPhone 5 Review

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In this video review, I review the new iPhone 5 from Apple. Packing the new A6 processor designed by Apple, this new iPhone promises to double the performance of the iPhone 4S.I cover the camera, Retina Display, iOS 6 and everything else this new iPhone 5 has to offer. Check it out!


Sabreen says:


James Dumb says:

The new call of duty looks good

Terry percy says:

Still watching this because I still have a iPhone 5😂

Aaron Lopata says:

This phone use to take good shots of my penis

ItzKezellent says:

Who else is watching in 2017

Rafiul Haq says:

nice black I phone

Abby Lee the dog says:

im thinking of getting an iphone 5 black

kendodubbag72 says:

I'm absolutely satisfied with the iPhone 5 had mine for 2 years now

Josh GA says:

when iphone 6 came out everyone wanted in school

Sanjukumar Tandel says:

I just used it once it costed me 200 pounds💷 after that I regret😥it I will never buy an apple I phone for the rest of my life.

Sanjukumar Tandel says:

I just want to ask one question in this world of mobile phones many range out there apple launches I phone 5 what the fuck please mind my language but I can't stop saying shit about 5 ,6 or what ever apple u are going down this is my future prediction u are going to be the next Nokia shut down

Emma Ann Boyle says:

I'm watching reviews because my iPhone looks like it has a screen protector on but idk if it does

Keira Deschenes says:

this was in 2012 wow I'm late

DrHunterMD says:

Excellent review! Thank you!

Damian Wayne5thRobin/MrSpiderGuy says:

I'm getting this today

backtohashbrown j says:

my iphone 5c broke and my uncle is now giving me an iphone 5 in black and gold do one on the black and gold

Sanjukumar Tandel says:

I phone 5 sucks u can't really type well on the keyboard battery consuming ios worst software u have to wear zoom glasses to watch it shit people use and the company is flourishing.

James Cast says:

Who misses IOS 6 

only iphone says:

thanku all the best keep going……….

Jacinth Lamb says:

I don't like it in white so I'm pretty sure I'll get the black one
or should I get gold? plz guys I need help before December

Tia The T-rex says:

but would it be good playing pokemon go?

Luna Simatovic says:

How much is it

Willard Tan says:

0:36 is is is is is is is is is is is is is

Vaper Pro says:

can i download need for speed game??

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