iPhone 5 Review (in 2017)..Should you still buy it?

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iPhone 5 in 2017..Should you still buy it? | iPhone 5 Review in 2017

In this video, we take a look at the iPhone 5 in 2017 and determine whether or not you should buy it. Given that iOS 10.3.1 could very well be the last firmware supported on the iPhone 5, this phone could be nearing irrelevancy very soon.

iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.1 vs 10.2.1: https://youtu.be/_vKMTMKLYKM

What do you think of the iPhone 5 in 2017? Do you have one?

Let me know! Thanks for watching!

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The Ultimate Jailbreaker 1 says:

Best YouTube channel in existence, oh and, first.

Hunglo90 says:

Upgraded my lady's phone from a 4s to an SE and she definitely loves it. She was really stubborn about upgrading lol

CptBrdyz says:

Im still using the iphone 5

James McLovin says:

I have the iphone 5 and the se and the se honestly isn't that much better. I use it everyday and it's not slow like he says it's actually pretty fast. very good phone still.

BlackSheep says:

if you wanna keep a iPhone 5 for 3 years os wise and speed wise let the phone on iOS 10.x
it doesn't depend what version of iOS 10, just iOS 10.
Don't update to iOS 11 if the iPhone 5 get's it
Then the 5 gets in the state where the 4s is

Michael Low says:

Definitely worth it to buy it, the last and most updated 32 bit device. Amazing for jailbreaking and tweaks, the only reason I wouldn't is if it was a 16gb model.

Hector Wang says:

why buy iphone 5? bunch of other good phones out there….

Simon Chandra says:

Plzzzz need help

Simon Chandra says:

How do you jailbreak ios 10.2.1

- R E Y E S - says:

I say it's not worth it.

Enrico Allorio says:

Inside my iPhone SE there all my life! I love the 4 inch. Display!!!

Atan Jubail says:

What happened to 10.2 jailbreak, u r not making any vids about it!

Lusor flo says:

In the future there is a way to downgrade to ios 6 so i would buy one 😉

Yaxqin Ben says:

for they dont have much financial why not??batter 5s got thumb lock

Ian Yam says:

I'm pretty sure you can't buy an iPhone 5 anymore

Nathaniel Olson says:

Hey Brandon I recently watched your video, How to unjailbreak/Remove cydia (ios 9.3.3) w/cydia Eraser restore without updating (no computer). I was wondering if I could use cydia eraser on ios 7.1.2 because I want to be able to download newer apps.

Prince Rijal says:

Some people are still using iphone 4 🙂 I guess iphone 5 still has long run ahead ✌🏻

Slash. says:

1:09 false, remember the 5c?

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