iPhone 5 review

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Joshua Topolsky reviews Apple’s new iPhone 5.
Read the full review on The Verge: http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/21/3363238/iphone-5-review More from The Verge:

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Riley Emel says:

good video, but he dosent sound very enthusiastic about it…

Efaz Hussain says:

I have a iphone 5s and i am on ios 10 the best

Bihju T says:

i miss this phone

山内淳カイル says:

I regret losing my iPhone 5 (stolen to be specific). I'm now using a 4S and I realized how much better and faster the 5 was even though it was on iOS9.

Ariel Jersey Jr says:

This is still the best looking iPhone so far.
The iPhone 6 looks like a big pebble and the back of the phone is just ugly in my opinion.

vinnie beer says:

An Iphone with the iphone 5 design and 6s specs would be the best

O Khan says:

iPhone 5 + iOS 6 is the best iPhone

Mathieu Deprat says:

I miss when the iPhone 5 was the bomb back then. Now people think its a piece of shit compared to the bad designed iPhone 6. Its sad

Nilokster says:

I miss when Josh used to do reviews. They always felt so friendly and laid-back. Hope he's doing well at Bloomberg.

ALReviews says:

what video editing software do you use ?

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