iPhone 5s 2016-2017 Late Review v2 – iOS 10 – (is it STILL worth it?)

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This is my second iteration of my late review of the iPhone 5s.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section down below.

***The 5s has a 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera (not VGA quality).***

Background Music: OVERWERK – 12:30 (Which wasn’t ear rapingly loud this time)


Alex Nguyễn says:

Its costs only 150$

MrGreenPandaz says:

im going to buy it in 2017

Patricia Reyes says:

Thank you!!!

Its Annsy says:

why sould i think ill be able to buy it or nah, my friend just bought 4s at the beggining of 2017.. was that cool..😀

Bhumik Sethi says:

Is i phone SE worthit

to trying says:

i returned to iphone 5s because my new galaxy a7 2016 can't play fullhd/60fps

MalikVEVO says:

Who's watching from an iPhone 5s? ❤️ 🎉

A. I. says:

I still have 7.1.2 on my iphone 5S as I am afraid to lose SPEED upon update. However, I'm not being able to use some important apps that require higher version of ios. Wondering if I should update to 10.3.5? How much of speed I'd lose? Some feedback said it's fast on ios 10, but others said it's slow. And, I can't really use a slow phone. Please suggest.

Aditya Kumar says:

tell me please .iphone 5s otg pendrive support or not support please any one reply me

666OmegaLuma says:

Great low light camera, iOS 7, 64 bit chip, Touch ID. The last great iPhone.

David Martin says:

What's the name of the background song?

SleptOn says:

I just bought one to be used like a gopro lol

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