iPhone 5s in 2017! Is it Still Worth it? Review

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Is the iPhone 5s Still worth it in 2017! Should you buy iPhone 5s in 2017? is it really worth it! In this video, we’ll do a quick comparison with the new apple iPhone 7 plus and a full review of iPhone 5s and find out if its worth it! iPhone 5s camera quality, iPhone 5s vs iPhone 7 plus comparison, battery life and much more!

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King Goldaz says:


Clorox Bleach says:

I managed to get an iPhone:SE for $184 total.

toninocars says:

5s is still very good option to join apple family

Benjamin Neammanee says:

It doesn't have the Gorilla Glass

Tarun mike says:

Nice review bro i brought a iPhone 5s one week ago and will appreciate if more videos on 5s is done here….

Manuel Falconi says:

And what if I get a new one? Will it last at least 8 hours of battery life?

Rajesh Makhan says:

My brother had problems with his red iphone too it would restart and crash sometimes gets it replaced that will fix benchmarks and other problems you might face in future

jonah travisano says:

Well done 😊… But I think you messed up on the bench marks that you showed… The biggest problem with this phone is the battery life… If you get this phone you will need to have an external battery pack with you at all times because it really doesn't last very long but besides that it's a great bargain phone

Yasser Piedi says:

If this still worth it, then the GS6 too right?

Miguel Perez says:

Wtf those numbers on the iphone 7 plus are superrr wrong!!!!!!!

Shady 313 says:

what the fuck is wrong with Geekbench

Michelle M. H. says:

Thank you, I just bought one, I don't have it yet, and this keeps me so calm… just realised, that it was released on 2013!!!! I got scared about my desicion.. But nah, Im fine now.. πŸ™‚ really aprecciate your video. The only thing I'm worried about its the screen and internal storage, cuz Im used to a note 3, i mean 16 vs 32 gb o.o but I guess it will be worth it

Harsh Sangani says:

Can you link to the wallpaper?
Neat review btw, just got a 5s and it's amazing!

Sherlan Gittens says:

Great review!

Pedro Alves says:

Those benchmarks are wrong

Gullysumm says:

Then take it back because something is definitely wrong with it

Praveen Rio says:

super vdo i love ❀️ 5sπŸ“±

Gullysumm says:

I tried watching your video but after seeing the benchmark test I had to turn it off because your 7 plus numbers was completely wrong… I'm not even gonna know if you corrected this at the end of you video because I lost interest

Tim Van Grinsven says:

Yes it is still worth it.

shriram ram says:

We know about that control tips and all u no need to explain

Krish PlayMC says:

The 7+ score is so low! Mine has 3000+ single core and 5000+ dual core

Youngster joey says:

Mine is 2 months old, performs great. no regret buying it

enzo amorei says:

ape glass vs gorilla glass

Pouiraja Mekolo says:

Can you do iphone 5s vs 7 plus camera test?

Dkdeadstar gamer says:

nice video keep it up and btw i like ur voice XD

IUseVape says:

wallpaper ?

cash me outside how bow dat says:

lol in My country it costs 320 euros and i buy it πŸ™‚

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