iPhone 5s – iOS 10.3.1 Review

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iPhone 5s – iOS 10.3.1 Review

And there is this guy, the iPhone 5s has also received the update for iOS 10.3.1. But should you go ahead and install the update on your iPhone 5s? Let’s find out.
What is going on guys Apple Fox here and today we are going to be talking about the iPhone 5s and the update that has recently dropped. But the 10.3 is not the latest version right now because 10.3.1 has been released. And here I’ll be making a review on both versions of the iOS. Like I will talk about the changes present in 10.3 but I’m going to download it like 10.3.1 because right now I’m on 10.2.1.
So if you go inside the settings here and head over to software update, you can see the iOS 10.3.1 update. It’s about 600 mb on my iPhone 5s and it may differ of course so you may not have the same numbers.
This is not the beta update so this means that we have a lot of information here about the update. So there are so many improvements and changes in this update but I’ll talk about those later in the video.
So let’s better install this update but before I click install I’ll go into about section in the settings to take a screenshot of the capacity and available storage to see if we gain or lose any storage.
Now we can click install and get it started. The download should take about 25 minutes but that of course depends on my wifi connection and the speed of my wifi.
After the update is completed we of course have to go through this process it’s sort of like when you buy an iPhone and set it up for the first time. You have to decide if you want to use a passcode or not so here you can already see a new feature of iOS 10.3. Instead of the straight lines, you’re getting the circles when typing in your passcode so this is something that has been changed in iOS 10.3
Just for comparison this is how it used to look like before in iOS 10.2.1 and older. The change isn’t that big honestly but it’s a nice little touch to refresh the look little bit.
Now it is the time to take a screenshot of my storage again. And compare it.

Running iOS 10.2.1 the capacity is 12.12 gb and the available storage is at 3.42 gb now let’s take a look at the 10.3.1 and looks like we gained both the capacity and the available storage. 3.57 compared to 3.42 gb is available and storage is now 12.39gb which is great.

So you’re probably wondering how is it the performance. iPhone 5s is not latest Apple Flagship of course but it’s still supported. For a phone that was released in 2013 it’s great that we’re still getting updates for that one. You cannot expect it to be more powerful and faster than the iPhone 7 or 6 but when talking about iOS 10.3 and 10.2.1 on the iPhone 5s I have to say that it’s quite fast.
So guys that is the end of this video I hope you enjoyed it click the like button if you did. And if you still wonder if you should go ahead and update then I recommend you to do so. Subscribe for more and see you next time. Peace.


Alex Alesio says:

nice review — would be great to have some real benchmarks about battery and performance.

Vivek Thachilath says:

I love the people who still care about the 5s

Kurt Denzel Caranyagan says:

Hi i wish i have that phone because tomorrow is my birthday bro can you give to me as your gift? Please I don't have phone since 2013 i just borrowed my friend's phone please

Plazma says:

Cool vid. I still use the 5s and the 7

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