iPhone 5S iOS 10.3.2 vs iPhone 5S iOS 11!

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iPhone 5S iOS 10.3.2 vs iPhone 5S iOS 11- iPhone 5S has recently received an update to the latest iOS 11 Beta 1 and in this video we show you the stability differences between the iPhone 5S on iOS 10.3.2 vs the speed and stability of the iPhone 5S on iOS 11. This video is intended to help you decide if you want to try out the latest version of the software for you iPhone 5S while at the same time showing you some of the differences. Any questions, comments, concerns, questions, please be sure to leave those in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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Nick Ackerman says:

iOS 11 is somewhat buggy right now for the iPhone 5S, but is it buggy enough to not want to try it out? In this video we take a look at the current iOS 10.3.2 vs iOS 11 for the iPhone 5S with the intentions on helping you to decide if you want to update or not! Enjoy the video 🙂

KevinPramudya says:

left hand is faster than right one

Ilove3 Cha says:

i think ios 11, it's slowly …….^^

Joseph Miller says:

You're a big lie I saw with my own eyes eBay load up faster on iOS 11 not sure about Instagram. But I also saw TempleRun load up Faster on iOS 11

Samantha Lewis says:

When does iOS 11 come out

Tymon says:

The iPhone 5s is still a pretty good smartphone, I'm almost using it for 4 years now and I never had any problems with it.

Ferry Civiadenta says:

hi, sir, both using the same operator card sim?

Pedro Miranda says:

Está, obviamente, mais escuro. Cores mais vivas, pelo menos visivelmente…

sheraz chaudhary says:

Do it for iphone se

Salah O says:

It's a beta

Stevan Dams says:

Keep making video Nick! 🙂

yuvi Entertainment says:

my Samsung level u Bluetooth headset not working after ios11 how to fix that ??? i can hear songs in headset but i cant use for calling purpose help me
thanks in advance

Ionut Blaj says:

ios 11 looks awesome , best apple design so far

Arvincarlo Mallari says:

That is my dream iphone😥

Ruthvik _Rajesh says:

Whats up with the mic

Cris 7 says:

What is the beginning song?

Mohsen Essa says:

Dont trust an edited comment 😀

richael silva says:

The iOS 11 still is beta we can wait the final version to do the speed test the apps not be optimized to iOS 11 only for iOS 10

KayKayGurlyGirl MSP says:

I have the iphone 5 and i cant get it.

Ayman Alam says:

My uncle has an iPhone 5s in gold in the original configuration of ios 7

Justty Tommy says:

I think the conclusion is if you do update more then meaning your phone more slower than before.

` Stjernberg says:

I`ts a beta…

R Abhijith says:

pls do a similar video for the iPhone se

LifezLife says:

What do you expect for a beta software? Obviously there will be bugs for slower performance..

Edmundo studios says:

I wonder when the 5S will be unsupported. I can imagine it getting to ios 13 at least

Ronny Ramos says:

j7 perx unboxing plz

Максим Семакин says:

Gold ipnone 5s wallpaper link pleaseee

Deven Simmons says:

do iPhone 5s FaceTime

Enes KC says:

Travesti gibi konuşuyo amk ayıfaaun ne veled 😁

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