iPhone 5S iOS 10.3 Review!

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iPhone 5S iOS 10.3 Review! iOS 10.3 for iPhone 5S brings many new features including the Apples New File System to your iPhone 5S and many bug fixes. In this video we review iOS 10.3 for your iPhone 5S! Leave your comments, questions, suggestions below this video ­čÖé

iPhone 5S iOS 10.2.1 vs iPhone 5S iOS 10.3 : https://goo.gl/omkP0V


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Nick Ackerman says:

iPhone 5S iOS 10.2.1 vs iPhone 5S iOS 10.3 now on the channel> https://goo.gl/omkP0V

Aadarsh Sanjenbam says:

who still has an iphone 5s­čÖî­čĆ╗

Rob Burns says:

I did the 10.3 on my 5s as soon as I found out about it. Didn't take long before I hit a bug. When a Sunday 9pm alarm didn't go off, I checked and it said it was due for tomorrow 9pm, though it was totally clear that the day was Sunday and that the alarm was on for 9pm Sunday. IOs 10.3 had it listed as an upcoming event. When I created a new alarm, let it run (it did go off) and deleted it, things went back to normal. I haven't had any more trouble with this, and I'm in the process of installing 10.3.1. So far I haven't found a single new feature that blesses my 5s.

Yoshibash 143 x64 says:

I Came from a jailbroken iOS 10.2 and i jailbreaked because of the bad batery purpose but Jailbreaking didn't fixed it that good.
And the Yalu jailbreak suffers from too many bugs like bluescreen.
So after i updated using 3utools with checking retain user's data option losed my jailbreak but Im happy because
iOS 10.3 fixed all my problems such as bad battery life,little lags,random bsod.
I Would recommend to update on 10.3!

Kio Kimberly says:

This is what i love about Apple, they still give the latest OS update for their old model phone.

Cause for some android phone, OS update is just a myth.

Hansel john Snow says:

Awesome review bro, thanks

Vivek Chettri says:

Is there is dark mode in iphone5s 10.3??

Colin Ng says:

straight to the comments

TExToLID says:

i have iOS 8.4 on my iPhone 5S . Should upgrade ?

Bodz x says:

i have a jailbroken iphone 5s (32bit) with ios 8.4 , i kinda had enough of being way too old and the snapchat blocking old system earlier got me crazy, should i update my phone to the latest update and try to jailbreak?

Saiesh Gaunekar says:

can i use VOlte service in iphone 5s in india???

Marutpong R. says:

help a test iphone 6 plus ios 10.3

Dreamwakr Channel says:

does update 10.3 drain battery life? why is my app downloading slowly? How do you backup?

Gabriel Santoa says:

Eae Sou Do Brasil Rap Lord > Rap God , mas enfim queria perguntar se ainda vale Apena Buy Iphone 5s em 2017 ? Sim eu sou um pessoa q gosta da apple e de celular pequeno!

razorjules says:

Loved my iPhone 5s, but they upgraded me to the SE for very little money.
The SE is like a turbo-charged 5s, i'm sold!
Favorite thing is the battery life & camera.
But, yes, the 5s still remains a great phone, especially at the current prices.

Irfan Shahidan says:

can somebody review about batery usage on ios 10.3 ??

Lana Fox says:

Should I update my 5s to 10.3 if I now have 9.3.3 ?

Epicgamer87 says:

Im still on 9.3.5 is it worth updating XD


You lost 70MB, not 700MB…

Ronnie Palma says:

What if your phone is 16 GB, should I update?

Sunjam Singh says:

Hey nick i will be using iPhone 5s for 6-7 months and then get an upgrade to whichever phone i like. Is it a good phone really cause i use snapchat alot. Also i will be mostly on 4G.

Joseph Pace Jr. says:

did the phase out the movie recording for the 5s?

Tanish Khandelwal says:

A Big Like just because i felt very awesome listening to siri saying india beats australia by 8 wickets­čśé­čśé

earlbee31 says:


Let's go


MDtechworld says:

Which Camera are you using ?

earlbee31 says:

´ú┐ I just updated for security reasons
´ú┐thank you so very much

Dev's Channel says:

Great video man…

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