iPhone 5S iOS 11 Review – Why You Shouldn’t Update

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iPhone 5S iOS 11 Review – How Does it Run? & Why Not to Update

Here’s a review on iOS 11 running the new iOS 11 beta 1 firmware and why you shouldn’t update to it (yet).

Regardless of the cool new features like dark mode, screen recording and customizable control center, the iPhone 5s isn’t ready to handle iOS 11 yet, so hold off on updating for now.

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SnOwShOoTeR says:

Rip iPhone 5c….

TheTallHobbit says:

I'm using this beta since it came out on my daily driver, and yes there are a lot of bugs, and yes it feels slower(animations I think). But it is completely usable in my opinion, no restarts, no freezes, on my Iphone 7 the battery thing isn't really a thing(only sometimes, don't know why). I'm also not waiting for a jailbreak anymore, if IOS 11 is also not jailbreakable on iphone 7, I'll switch to samsung next year..

Apple pie says:

It looks cool on smaller screens

Renzo Moreno says:

its beta, ios 11 will be better soon

Jebriel Houdroj says:

I remember getting my 5s 2 years back when iOS 8 was out time went back fast. But I feel as apple did with the 4s the 5s should get iOS 12 if it doesn't slow it down

Mr Crash says:

It’s so laggy and buggy Don’t get it

Jarrett Boersen says:

I want some help, I was charging my iPad air 2, noticed it was going down in percentage, I'm on iOS 11, so I went into my settings as I was going to use the shutdown button that's new in iOS 11, than it crashed and started to respiring but it kept loading and loading and I realized I'm in a boot loop. Its turned off now I was going to let it sit for a bit. Luckily I have a very recent backup though I would rather not have to restore it as it's slow and annoying, is there anything I can do? Please help and I do realize iOS 11 is buggy as it's only beta one but I'm pretty knowledgeable, I had iOS 10 betas on my iPad last time.


How can you criticize something that isn't even finished, legit people are still gonna upgrade

Moise Gustave says:

Can anyone help me to downgrade anyone got a iOS 10 link ?

Moise Gustave says:

iOS 11 beta is a not a good beta for all iPhone 5s-7plus

Moise Gustave says:

I got a 5s can u help me downgrade from iOS 11 beta to iOS 10.3 plz

AndyCandy says:

Where's the fucking jail break😡😡😡😡

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