iPhone 5s Review!

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It’s my review of the iPhone 5s, one of the best phones period.

In this video I review the iPhone 5s with an in-depth hands on of the features, camera with pictures as well as 1080p video and 120fps slow motion video, Touch ID fingerprint scanner, performance with the Apple A7 and iOS 7 along with battery life and more.

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Lucifer Stanley says:

Bought one recently… Works great

Ruthvik _Rajesh says:

Watching on 5s
Lovin it!!

Shaurya Kaushik says:

damn you were ugly !

SniperBeast 3301 says:

he sounds gay

Sheldon J. Plankton says:

Here we are at the iPhone 7.

James Brennan says:

what's this like now in 2015

Jacques Arnold says:

Watching this on my iPhone 5s

ItsStyla says:

Should I wait for the iphone 6 or get the 5s now?

Linus Wi says:

I love your Reviews!!

fwuz says:

on point review Austin. getting mine in champagne gold this Friday!!!!  subbed.

RobloOliver says:

It was either this or LG G2 when I went to tmobile I got the G2 because I'm a media consuming guy and like big screens and customizing and and that battery life 😮 but 5s is decent

Anthony Snyder says:

Your reviews are amazing.

JPM Gaming says:

I'm still rocking the iPhone 4 along with the galaxy s4

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