iPhone 6 in 2017 Review! – Still Worth it? (4K)

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iPhone 6 Review in 2017! Still worth it?

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Don G's World says:

why iphones are pricey???

Leriqué Booysen says:

Hey would love to see a full comparison of the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) vs iPhone 6.

I'm on a tight budget and would like to buy one of the two and they're approximately the same price here in South Africa so please make a full comparison of the two.

Ed S says:

I don't like the power button on the side

Leighton Winter says:

whats wrong with your screen towards the top where it shows the battery percent

abel king of everything says:

should I get a iPhone 6s and keep it for 2 years . should I buy it please help

King JK says:

Are the volume buttons a little bit loose?

HamZa ameer says:

I am planning to buy I phone 6 plus it is still worth in 2017

HamZa ameer says:

I am planning to buy I phone 6 plus it is still worth in 2017

Angelo Nunes says:

i have a low end samsung and wanna try out an iphone and the iphone 6 price has gone down a lot…..any suggestions?

Hello harambe says:

iPhones at either too small or big

Don G's World says:

hi guys if i reach 1k likes
my mom would buy me promise its real help me PLS.

jose palmieri says:

Old phone my ass

Kindeep Singh Kargil says:

okay one plus 3t vs iPhone 6

Honda.Civic T.V says:

i have had my phone 6 since it was brand new and it still works great

J B says:

iph6 is the best phone ever made by apple. iph 6 have all the basic features and lack of some useless features like 3d touch . camera , features and performance is good enough for users. Overall iph 6 satisfied for all users. Is not cheap, but the price and the features itself is useful for average iph user untill today .never be eliminate by average users…

DurgaPrasad S says:

wtf retina? its lcd. hahaha


should i buy 6 or 6s

badmen68 says:

Still using 6+, working like a champ now. It is not to say faster is not better but not before my phone is broken, Apple cannot loot me anymore

De Corey VLOGGER454 says:

iPhone 6 ain't old

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