iPhone 6 Review

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iPhone 6 Review

Full iPhone 6 Review: http://bit.ly/1qxwjjJ

iPhone 6 Plus Review: http://bit.ly/1sPHhbL

Today, demand for bigger smartphones is evident; anything under 5 inches is considered small. So it’s no surprise that the iPhone 6 exists; it’s a larger, more refined version of the 4-inch iPhone 5s, which feels absurdly tiny by comparison. Under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple has admitted that, yes, plenty of people will buy big phones—Apple users included, as early sales have shown. It’s a stunning about-face by a company typically so ahead of the curve. But Tim Cook’s Apple is different; the company is no longer ruled by a brilliant dictator. In an incredibly demanding and evolving market, it was either follow suit or risk losing even more marketshare to Android, which is no question the dominant force in mobile. Really, Apple couldn’t afford to pass up the obviously popular big phone trend. GALLERY/MORE: http://bit.ly/ZynT5t

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Mia Sinclair says:

Can anyone help me? Im trying to make my pug Mina instagram famous but
its really hard, mostly because i have a really bad phone and im not
very good at promotin . So please go follow: @imacoolpug and share with
your friends and hellp me get an iphone 6 to better my pictures and
videos, thank you.

Clyne Remming says:

People always complain about the camera but if you think just get a case! That's what a phone needs anyway!

kaihtheloner says:

Wow.. This phone was launched 2 years back and I bought it today for $500 for a 128GB version. I hoped the price would have come down more after two years :-/

Tomek Kolodziej says:

The iphone 6 camera does move back and forth though! Like when I take focus on a certain item I can see the lens inside move.

Brian R says:

Cons about my iPhone 6:
720P Screen
Battery life is ehh
That's basically it (:

Andrew Scheetz says:

Would you recommend getting the iphone 6 now? Or wait until the iphone 6s will be released in 2 months?

Hillary Clinton says:

Yay I'm getting the 6 This Monday or this upcoming week!

Clinton W Salvato says:

I have the silver model of the iPhone 6 with the white top bezel.  I would say the bands on the back of this one is about the same as the space grey model.  I would say the one that sticks out most is the gold.  I put a clear rear case on it and the case really helps the bands blend in.  I had asked for the gold but they didn't have a gold 6, which after i saw the gold 5s they had i wasn't really bummed too bad.  I really think what I have matches my macbook pro 13" retina nicely the white and silver.

John Smith says:

I reget buying an iPhone 6 because when I buy it i saw the upper right screen of my iPhone 6 have a black shadow very pissed of and i cant exchange it because there is no apple store here in my area!😡

Philip Mark Matejeski says:

iPhone's are so pretty but they fucking SUCK.
750 x 1334 screen resolution with a pixel density of 326PPI.
8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera
Dual core processor with 1400MHz and 1024MB of RAM.

Those stats are so terrible, compare it with any Android out in the past three years and it doesn't even compete.

nyyankees4296 says:

i disagree with the design is average comment. thats hogwash

patrik streng says:

Tell me 5 good reasons to buy this as my next phone. I have no idea what to get

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