iPhone 6s + 6s Plus Review!

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iPhone 6s + 6s Plus Review!
iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S6 Review! https://youtu.be/DOicVjlkG1s
The iPhone 6s has a faster A9 chip, comes in Rose Gold, shoots 4K video but is it worth picking up?

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Madcuffs says:

Love my 6s plus!

Arjun dwivedi says:

audio/video quality n presentation simply superb πŸ˜€

xMay says:

iPhone 6s is smaller ?

Yuvraj Singh Grewal says:

I think the technology community is the best on YouTube

aurora mokey says:

where i live they do have 32 gb happy bout that

Amine SALLOUNIE says:

does any body know the sound track in the start

Javed Akhtar says:

which were the games played? I really loved them!

richkid3434 says:

i have 6 iphone 6s!

Di Star says:

Best review ever!!! so beautiful and informative.

Leo Kuniyoshi says:

So pink definitely not rose gold

Raghav Sood says:

are the camera the same

PyoomGaming says:

what is da song

Taylor TM says:

the plus stops me from texting while driving

Oscar Edwards says:

Communication essential pay radio invent decade.

VIRAT Singh says:

you look a bit like Ryan Reynolds

Hari Haran says:

super review

Alifya Engineer says:

Do you think that the iPhone 6s Plus 64gb worth it rn because I my is arriving in 2 days

Lucifer Laveaux says:

Very nice review
Watching this on my 6s Plus
And rip sharky 🦈

Elke Spiritus says:


Elke Spiritus says:


Radones 69 says:

I'm watching you on your gold 6s plus on my gold 6s plus.Kool

Mike Stone says:

Nice review,

kiDOu says:

no ralphys were hurt during the making of this videoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

Isa Wall says:

My older sister got a phone her sophomore year in high school. She's now a senior. I'm a sophomore in high school and Christmas is coming up. My mom doesn't think I deserve a phone, but my dad says it's not fair if I don't get a phone. HELP. How can I try to convince my mom that I deserve a phone!

Santiago Zolla says:

Is that wallpaper on minute 2:08 an iPhone wallpaper? It's sweet! Where did you get it

kharis aliando says:

iphone 6s berapa harganya

Octavio Castro says:

Im about to beg for an iphone 7, although i think thats what ive been doing for the last days..

Shay Mahmoud says:

is 64 gb enough for iphone 6 plus ?

FunTimeWithMaria says:

anyone help? i'm getting this phone but i don't really know wich one: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold?

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