iPhone 6S and 6S Plus review

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The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have 3D Touch on the screen and 12 megapixels behind the camera lens. Are the new features enough to get you to upgrade?

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mahadali619 says:

I need your help guys, so I have a iPhone 5s right now and I'm debating whether I should get the iPhone 6s 128GB or the iPhone 7 32GB? They both cost the same so let me know which I should get and why? Or maybe should I wait for the 10th Anniversary iPhone?

Nael Rashad says:

at 3:08 of the video
can anyone plz tell me what was the ( full of articles ) site there?

CopyRight Channel says:


Bryony Russell says:

This is the most useful video on iPhones I have ever seen! Thankyou!!!!! xxxx

iArtistic Wolf says:

1:47 WITCH CRAFFTT x'D lmao

TheRAdioActivePlANet says:

how did you got this voice this accent in your video . please tell .

Mohd Ramzan says:

Hi hope all is well i have 6plus can some one tell me how to download video from youtube

willon joseph says:

iphone 64s plus

Moussa SANGARÉ says:

There are just 2 phones in the world. iPhone and the others! I can't wait to get one!

Farah Farzana says:

I'm really like iPhone 6S but, now I saving my money to buy iPhone 6S.

Nur Chua says:

what if your iphone was drop in water witout waterproof case

PupusaJr says:

So first phone I had was an iPhone 4S. It broke and I thought I was upgrading by going to a Samsung Galaxy S5. Worst mistake. Camera was a bit better but performance was either equal or worse. I waited a few years and the iPhone 7 came out and I noticed the iPhone 6S was a lower price. I decided to go for the iPhone 6S Plus. Best decision ever. If anyone is looking for a phoneupgrade, and you're on iPhone 5S or under, you've got to buy it.

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