iPhone 6S Plus Review!

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Ultimate iPhone 6S Plus Review! Worth Buying iPhone 6S Plus vs iPhone 6S? Why? What’s Good? What Sucks? Camera, Usability, Features & More!


Danial Rafiqi says:

What's up with the title? OurMine?

Thermal_Sniper X says:

You got hacked

Heather Whitney says:

hi I am getting a iPhone 6s + in rose gold

taylor leslie says:

Anyone else have the 6S +? I have it in Rose Gold and it's AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!! My phone doesn't stutter AT ALL! #lies Who needs the 7 or the 6S?! And also, for the harder to hold thing, JUST GET A POPSOCKET!!!!! That's what I did and I ❤️ it! 💝😂📱📱

Mini Melon says:

I got my iPhone 6s Plus 2 days ago and so far I really enjoy it I jumped from a iPod touch six to my phone and it was an interesting transition.

henry malcom says:

mine iphone 6splus is dropping on thurday 9th march 2017

micah bernardo says:

lol. I have here iphone 7 plus second hand and now I am gonna switch it to brand new iphone 6s plus

Jenni Peralta says:

2017🤗 hmm should I get🤔🙂💭

Indominus ҜΔMIҜΔZΣ says:

I'm deciding to trade my LG Stylo 2 Plus for the IPhone 6 Plus today

Kooradi says:

i'm upgrading from a 5s to a 6s plus!!

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

Is there a way to add more ram to your iPhone aftermarket? My 5s keeps reloading the pages all the time when I have a lot of tabs open, like when I'm watching a movie it interrupts me and reloads the page…

King black says:

Jumping tonight getting the iPhone 6s plus what's a good color to get black grey or gold and white?

AdorablePuppyPower says:

What GB do you prefer

Brooklyn Parillo says:

i got upgraded from the 5s to the 6s plus and i love my 6s plus ❤️

Johann Remedio says:

Where do you get those docks

Sean Mairs says:

I'm getting the 6s plus for Christmas next week, I could of got the 7 plus but I need my headphone jack

Jtregz99 says:

When he was playing the car game at 1:33 and crashed the car, I thought the iPhone screen cracked!!!

Aleah Rodgers says:

I just bout one can't wait till mine comes in.

Selene Usagi says:

I've had my 6s Plus for almost a year and the size does become bothersome after a while.

Mia Khalifa says:

Is it worth it on christmas?🎄

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